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3 Best Laptops under INR 60000 – 2019

Are you looking for best gaming laptop under 60,000. If yes, then this video is for you. I handpicked 3 best laptops under this price segment. hopefully you will like this video.. Enjoy !!!

First Choice

Second Choice:

Third Choice :

We have talked about these three laptops in this video.
Acer Nitro…

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  1. Main ek laptop oder Kiya hu ..
    Us main ssd v hain
    Acer nitro 5 ryzen 5 cuad core
    256gb ssd
    4gb graphic
    Price 47.990/-
    Eya Kaya beter hain apki 1st laptop se?

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  3. hi sir plz plz bataaooo ki hum dynamo gaming kitaraha mobile per live stream kase kar saktehe plz plz plz batayaaa.

  4. Please make one vedio specially for vedio editing

  5. BHAI 80,000 KE ANDER

  6. BHAI 80,000 KE ANDER

  7. Bhai do under 30k please

  8. Hey sir….plzzz make a video about gaming laptop for pubg under 20/25k plzzz sir plzzz

  9. Bhai you play pubg mobile

  10. Bhai thumbnail kaise banana. Hai

  11. Aapke videos dekhke mujhe bahut accha Lagta hai fresh feel hota hai

  12. Asus tuf fx705dy

  13. How to stream consoles like. PS 4 and etc. games using capture card and also tell me for one capture card that can capture my phone's games and consoles games..ple.pick my question.

  14. Bro predator kaha hai?

  15. MSI GL i5 vala kesa hai laptop

  16. M mortal bhai ki trh phone me khelta hu but mujhe just live ke liye laptop chahiye pls help me

  17. Bro no1 laptop ke sath kon sa capcher card lena pade ga

  18. Bro what about asus tuf fx570u…

  19. dear sir. i want to buy a laptop for video editing and photo editing with gaming performance in 50k. i am confused between 2 laptops that is lenovo ideapad 330 i5 8th gen and acer nitro 5. which one i should buy for long term. also i dont have any problem with Lenovo screen.

  20. Bro video se jyada tumhare bolna ma.maja aata hai

  21. Mere gaming laptops se ek hi concerns hain ki woh zyaada der nahi chalti game khelte waqt aur ye ek hi reason mijhe macbook lene ke liye mann karthe rehtaa hain ek student hote hue aur baat karein aapke review ki bahut zyaada clean review diya gaya hain

  22. Bhai acer nitro 5 with amd ryzen can solve all the problems right? Like video editing, autocad softwares and gaming?

  23. bro greebo ka set up ka vadio banao

  24. I want acer nitro 5 ryzen

  25. Osm video really really help us

  26. Bhai
    50k aur 40k bhi please
    You are a trusted guy brother please
    Bhai jarur bata dena
    Love your videos because of your content and unke nature of yours

  27. Bhai kya ryzen 3 ke sath elgato HD 60 s chalenga

  28. with english sub title plis

  29. Vai i m from nepal i have a question i have dell inspirion 5468 model Hdd 500gb n ram 4gb Is this is also can use like gaming laptop ??

  30. Hello, Sandeep Sir
    Traders ke liye best laptops konse hein? jisme performance ke saath achchi battery bhi ho.

  31. Is it better to buy i5 gaming laptop or to buy a regular i7 laptop and add graphic card and ssd.

  32. 69999 to 99999 ke bich me

  33. Hai sab videos esi bnao… And you are amazing.. Bus isi type ki videos dalo ap

  34. Plzz make a video on laptops having 144hz screen and a budget range of 70 to 80 k

  35. Best laptop under 50k

  36. What about msi gl63

  37. Bhai Acer nitro 5 ryzen wala ka review Karo please

  38. Why not MSI GL 63 8rc??

  39. Bhai streaming ho jayigi Acer rizen nitro 5 mai

  40. Sir big fan apka saree video dekhta hu…

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