We review the best budget gaming smartphones for playing PubG Mobile online – our favourite cheap handsets which cost under £250, plus a few more around the £300 and £400 price points for any gamers who are feeling flush.

If you’re serious about PubG Mobile, you’ll need a dependable device to give you an edge over the competition. Phones like the Honor 8X cost very little in the UK, yet deliver solid performance, long battery life (good news if you’re addicted to gaming), and a sharp,…

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  1. In the US the 2018 Samsung j7 turned out to be a great gaming phone for under $150 the chipset on this phone is an absolute Beast only 2 gigabytes of RAM but holds up surprisingly well with no lag

  2. I don't understand why every phone reviews use pubg to test out the phones gaming performance lvl.i mean there are other games that have high level graphic games than pubg.why not test them out.

  3. How come NOTHING fucking works for Verizon?? So annoying.

  4. Lol i saw honor 8x was runing hd with no lag can it run like that?

  5. What about the umidigi power with the helio p35?

  6. you giving any away?

  7. Please could anyone tell me that which phone is better
    Galaxy S8
    Oneplus 5t
    Note 8
    I mostly play pubg.I only want good performance,battery and design

  8. Does honor 8× really runs pubg on high and low fps good?

  9. Get this man a metal

  10. you may know better than me as a youtuber
    but your video is NOT even 60 fps how can i trust you?

  11. Yo i hve the p smart 2019 and its soooo goood

  12. hey great video

  13. red magic 3???

  14. Majority of them are expensive in my country dude..

  15. How that phone is called 1:50 ?
    Honor 8X?

  16. I love your videos I subcribe already ♥️

  17. I have a 2 year old lg stylo 3. I can say it's a piece of crap and will sometimes even lag just typing in instagram

  18. They're expensive at where im living tho. I really want the black shark.

  19. Black shark $500 this video misleading as none these fucccvkkkkk phones are cheap.

  20. One bonus feature with the Poco F1 is also the rear cameras with the main sensor being the sensor also used in the pixel 3 phones in a few words download some camera software and you shots will be 98% same quality as the pixel 3

  21. Seems like there's no stock of honor play anymore and I'm quite hesitant to go for 8x though, because I'm planning to use it for gaming purpose only. I dont really like the glass back and the design of camera for 8x, but if 8x is consider pretty good for pubg, then I'll buy it. Please give me your opinions, thank you

  22. Where do you have that wallpers ?

  23. 500$ is not budget…

  24. They are not budget gaming phone they cost way to over bord

  25. I can fry eggs on my galaxy s7edge after 1 hour playing

  26. Can you give me some of your gaming phone sir. I'm from Philippines . And I don't have money to buy new one .. even if I work hard .I can't save enough money to buy new one. Tech Spurt

  27. But i crawl to the enemy when im knocked out or i just stand there if i dont now where the enemy is

  28. 400 pound is not cheap

  29. I want Poco,But……. Plastic,Poor Notch Optimization,No Netflix?,And Screen Bleed.These Problems scaring me away.But the SD845 AND ADRENO 630 CALLING?

  30. Done like. Give me 1 phone plisss. Hehehe.

  31. Please do a video on it nova 3i or nova 4 are good gaming phones

  32. And if you live in the state's you need to check the supported bands for the phone. Alot of these Chinese phones don't get good service. The best bet for a gaming phone is the OnePlus 3T it's like $300. Not cheap but the cheapest Best phone for gaming if you ask me. For AT&T, Cricket, H2O & Straight Talk.

  33. I just bought a galaxy j8 and played pubg but I'm worried that the battery is draining fast

  34. what i don't understand sorry.i hope have that phone so i can play.

  35. honor play i like it but don't have money to buy.and her in Philippines where i can find that kind phone.i like online games but my phone is so very lag.

  36. Honor play in our country is 400$

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