Immerse yourself in your favorite movies and tv shows with this world-first dual-link, aptX low-latency-supported Bluetooth multipoint transmitter, Avantree Priva IIA. Whether entertaining guests, stepping out into the garden or simply relaxing on your cozy couch, the 100-ft range of the Priva IIA enables you to listen to your entertainment system effortlessly. Check out this item both on Amazon: or on Avantree website:…

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  1. I want to use them witn a smart tv and a pc. Both with bluettoth this recommended or there are other

  2. We're looking for wireless system for 4 wireless headsets in a small studio with balanced outputs and a transmission distance generally of around 2 meters but better if up to 4 meters. Although sound quality is important, it is not critical as long as it is a crystal clear sound without any latency. If we want super quality we can plug in wired headsets. Does your set up require a Avantree Priva IIA for each headset and does it work with balanced outputs?

  3. Do I have to connect to headphone jack on TV?

  4. Any version with Toslink cable?

  5. How to we get the sound both headset and TV speaker ….is there any function.

  6. How many wireless headphones can I connect??

  7. Does this support Sony 7500e tv ?

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