What’s up,,,, in this video I unbox and review an apple watch clone goophone 3 80$ smart watch, please subscribe and like, heres a link to the watch…… vote in the card if you would buy a fake apple watch,

Not sponsored by goophone

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AirPods unboxing:

iPhone XR:…

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  1. So does it link to iPhone?

  2. Have u heard of the Xwatch that came out this November?? Is it the same??

  3. Worst review ever ..pretty much just blabbed for the whole time and did pretty much no reviewing ,geez

  4. What's the best android smartwatch clone?

  5. menu is too slow BY THE WAY NICE VIDEO

  6. Can i get a link to this clone?

  7. Bro, how can i update its software ??

  8. Does it have a voice assistant and can you respond to messages

  9. Does it use the same bands as the apple watch

  10. If you have an iPhone can you still text? Very good video❤️

  11. I just subbed and I feel good when I support a small creator

  12. Bro it works on Android ?

  13. does digital crown works ?

  14. This watch only $10 contact on this number 8108278659 only wats app

  15. Can you replay to text messages

  16. Get the series 4 clone the iwo 8

  17. Loved it!
    But How long will it last, or does it come with any guarantee ? Please let me know

  18. Can it connect to wifi?

  19. I love it! Arrived on my door 1 min ago

  20. Is it safe to buy from dhgate

  21. Does the Digital Crown work like in the real Apple Watch? Like can it be used to zoom in an out and scroll through lists? Thx?❤️

  22. What’s the sellers name

  23. The link is down where can I find the watch?

  24. Good video! It was very INFORMATIVE. Keep making videos?

  25. Good video, next time though..open slower with lower volume music, other than that pretty professional…keep it up bud

  26. Do the apps work with iphone? I bought a clone before but it was more compatible with android instead of iphone ?

  27. How to use internet on the watch ?

  28. Awesome video keep up the uploads. Thank you for subscribing to my channel.

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