➡ Garmin vivosport:
➡ Garmin vivosmart HR+:
➡ Fitbit Charge 2:
➡ Fitbit Blaze:

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  1. Do any of these track top speed. Trying to see my top speed

  2. Does the Vivosport support external heart rate monitor pairing with either Bluetooth or or ANT+? I’d prefer to use my chest strap with a fitness tracker that has standalone GPS and doesn’t look like a watch. Does a device like this even exist?

  3. We need carry mobile with this device???

  4. Thank you. Great video. Very helpful and informative.

  5. Why not just use STRAVA

  6. Does the vivo sport have altitude for hiking and is the gps built in or must it be linked to a phone?

  7. Does anyone else think the intro sounds like Outkast's "So fresh and So clean"?

  8. Quick question. I got the Vivomove HR since it was 50% off, but it doesnt have a cycling profile. Can i just get a Vivosport just for cycling and connect it to the garmin connect app even when the vivomove is connected to it?

  9. How's the vivosmart 4? Worth to take a look at?

  10. Does anyone know if any of these devices track you without taking cellphone with you while walking or jogging and able to sync your paths later in the app??

  11. which is the best & accurate : Garmin vivosmart HR+ or SAMSUNG Gear Fit 2 pro ????

  12. I used the vivosport for about 5 months, had to get it replaced twice because the strap won't hold up for more than 3 months and it's not replaceble. Great

  13. Hope the vivo sport drops to 100 or less before the year ends. Must be a good Christmas gift.

  14. Just the problem by charge 2 is its not waterproof ?

  15. All are produced by garmin ?

  16. Hey Jeff I am a really fit person who plays soccer and does crossfit. In your opinion what would be the most fit fitness tracker for these activities. I've been thinking about going for the Vivofit 3 + pairing it to a HR monitor strap, Vivosmart HR+ or Fitbit Charge 2. I feel like the built-in gps is a feature that I would use (specially for soccer) but most of these lack this spec. What do you think is the best option for me out there? Thanks!

  17. Does not do indoor cycling,weird i know have to manually imput it

  18. Garmin vivoactive HR Vs vivosport which is better

  19. You're my all time most reliable info source! Thanks always!!!

  20. Apple Watch, it has more than just tracking and doubles as a second phone, bonus!

  21. Garmin vivosport, I like the design and has everything i need

  22. Neither of them because I rely don't need them.

  23. I'd say fitbit since I've had experience with them.

  24. Is the Fitbit Charge 2 waterproof? can you swim with it?

  25. I like the Fitbit Blaze. I prefer the smartwatch look over the thin band design of the other watches.

  26. I own the vivosport thanks to your videos and it is great!
    Cool video btw. Keep it up!

  27. Why didn't you bring in the fitbit ionic?

  28. Vivo active with the tracking that is available. Looks good too

  29. Like that vivosport!

  30. vivosmart HR+ I just got for 60 bucks refurb..but it does NOT have biking as an activity…run, cardio, other are its three choices.

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