ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the best phones of 2019 – tried and tested by GSMArena’s staff.

Here are quick shortcuts to the phones featured in this guide:

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro: 1:08
Realme X2 Pro: 1:53
Oneplus 7T Pro: 2:45
iPhone 11 Pro Max: 3:31
Our editors’ top pick: 4:27

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  2. Wait A Sec!!! Is This The Comment Section Of YouTube?!?

  3. The X2 Pro has an 855 plus processor, not 855.

  4. im watching this channel only for Angie!!!

  5. Got me a OnePlus 7 pro and #thethirstisreal

  6. Wow her voice is like caramel for your ears

  7. focus on the phone

  8. I just don't understand what you said because i fall in dream with you and just watching you ?❤️

  9. Seriously, I need to decide on what phone to get but how can I when Angie's reviewin it :((

    Edit: Since Angie asked for liking and subscribing, I have done that.

  10. stfu bro we all know she's pretty

  11. Shame on you simps

  12. Is it still worth it buying flagship phones from last yr. Or just buy new mid range smartphones? Planning to buy a new phone. Eyeing mate30 pro or note 10. Send halp

  13. Injust bought note 10 plus 2 days back. Thanks ???

  14. you prefer Redmi K20 pro or Nova 5t? and why

  15. I'll be honest, there is a whole bunch of tech reviers out there but none of them look like you. BEAUTIFUL.

  16. still on my rooted android 10 launched in 2017, LG v30

  17. Oh boy! iPhone 11 Pro Max has more cons than it's pros. ? Why should people buy such an expensive phone??

  18. I love Samsung. Samsung is best and no other company can even reach to its technology

  19. I wish there was an option to Delete all comments regarding the Girl in the Video

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  21. I'm sorry but these smartphone shots are so distracting. I hope they sort it out on future vids.

  22. I have a very large phone. I would like you to test the feel in the hand!

  23. Where is p30 pro?

  24. She feels like a perfect stalker for the band Haim.

  25. All the phones here except for the Top Pick has 'Pro' in their name. Also, I know it ain't a flagship killer but my money goes to the Redmi Note 8 Pro. I reckon the G90T can go head to head against the Pocophone F1 and the SD845, which was a bit of a flagship killer itself just last year. ?

  26. you're god damn cute, what the fuck

  27. it's 2020 and im gonna buy 2019 phone

  28. Whats with all these creepy comments about her?

  29. One Plus became just like any other phone not a flagship killer

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