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Here is the link to the PowerPro 12:17:

To check out my actual review on the PowerPro R 12:17 use this link to the Geek Weekly Oct 1, 2011 show:

Looking to game well, but not for $2,000 dollars? Well the…

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  1. Bad news: this kind of stuff may very likely be a refurbished unit… Good luck with the build and quality…

  2. Nice review, but I should comment that matte screens can produce the "sparkle" optical effect (some call this graininess). Matte is not necessarily better! Put the following in a Google search and take a look at the first couple of results (the -gem is to eliminate search results regarding sparkle in gems):

    sparkle optical effect in displays -gem

    There are significant ongoing efforts in display R&D regarding producing anti-glare surfaces that are also low sparkle.

  3. Will it play bf3 at all

  4. One more time asking hp pavillion referbished from Walmart

  5. Could i get a medium gaming laptop for under 700 € ? 🙂

  6. Gaming laptop wise, $500 is pretty cheap. I suggest saving a little more. : )

  7. I don't mean to chew you out but couldn't you get a better Alienware for that price

  8. Is the hp pavillion d6 referbised good to play bf3 on mid to low settings

  9. No, unfortunately the graphics card is too weak for modern games.

  10. please is this laptop good for games HP 655 (H5L14EA) ??

  11. Not sure, but I don't think that Tractor Simulator 2013 is a graphics intensive game. You could probably buy something cheaper than this to get the job done.

  12. powernotebooks . com

  13. do you know what lab top would be good for the game Tractor simulator 2013?

  14. where can you buy one of these lab tops?

  15. You could send me a message through YouTube.

  16. Hey, I am thinking about investing in a Metabox notebook and got a few questions. Is there any chance I could contact you other than on youtube?

  17. If I can help someone make an informed gaming laptop purchase, I'm happy! : D

  18. i like how you accually respond to peoples post…

  19. The problem with the A55A is that its graphics processor is the Intel HD Graphics 4000. Anything that is not an AMD or NVIDIA is generally bad.

  20. What about the Asus A55A?

  21. Unfortunately, there's not a lot in that price range. You may want to check out the Acer Aspire V3-551G-X419 15.6-Inch Laptop. It should be able to play games on low graphics.

  22. 400-600 No larger than that. Haha I'm getting financial aid but i also have scholarships and with the aid money I'm gonna buy the laptop

  23. What's your price range?

  24. Both? I honestly don't mind the bulky-ness i just need it for school and for the laptop to atleast be able to run Perfect World International.

  25. Well first off, do you want something portable to carry from class to class and/or around campus cause gaming laptops not only tend to be bulky/heavy, they tend to have low battery life.

  26. I have a question. So I'm going to be a freshman in college in a few months. I obviously need a laptop to suit my school needs but i also want it to like run perfect world international and runescape. What should i get?

  27. What would porn cables be used for? Haha.

  28. 2 point "O" cables. : P

  29. 4:08 porn cables ?

  30. [iminent=rkWVUAgUWfOB] [iminent=rkWVUAgUWfOB]

  31. [iminent=rkWVUAgUWfOB] you gay

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