What makes a great gaming phone? If you’re a gamer, what phone should you get? The best gaming phone is a mixture of many elements: high end flagship performance for pushing the highest quality graphics, big vibrant display to take in all the action, excellent stereo speakers for thumping sound, large battery for prolonged gaming sessions, an attractive design would be nice too, and of course a reasonable price tag. Taking all these into consideration we’ve listed our top picks for the top…

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  1. Razer:Im the best gaming phone……..

    Rog phone II: .

  2. Giveaway plllllsss!!!!! ??

  3. iPhone is great for games

  4. I have red magic 3

  5. it's amazing there is nubia on the list

  6. Nubia red magic 10 or☹️??

  7. Asus rog #1 for this i am dislikeing the video

  8. i want to kn wat song u used for the razer add ,it sounds epic

  9. Wtf razr???rubbish

  10. Fuck! i repeat FUCK! cellphone games and fuck clouds, when your internet or cloud service is down how are you going to play a game? considering game glitches, bugs and games that fuck up your hard drive making you re-install your games off the servers which might be offline, there is a clear, honest and reliable connection between real actual game discs (not apps) and console/pc hardware that should never be underestimated, i thought by this time we would have gaming tech close to the tech used in movies such as "Johny Mnemonic"……you would have double layer game discs holding more data instead of updates every god damn day and more hardware consoles that may cost more but run way more smoothly…..if only the Dreamcast 2 were a reality we wouldn't be selling consoles or making cellphone games for dumb people that have nothing to do with the HARDCORE gaming community, by the way Nintendo have reduced themselves to making games for reabilitating handicap people, so fcking sad

  11. Rog 2 is god off all

  12. Display amlet dani thai

  13. Walton mobile is my favourite

  14. Just wait for the pocophone f2 :>

  15. Others:comment that asus is god of gaming
    Xiaomi:ohh ok

  16. Where is one plus 7 pro ????

  17. Asus Rog phone 2 is the real king of all

  18. Mi A3 is best phone

  19. why would anyone buy asus rog to play freefire ???

  20. Bhai Esne Redmi k20 pro dala hi nahi

  21. Asus ROG is best gaming phone

  22. What about Neubia red magic 3
    12 GB 256GB RAM

  23. Bro send because i give a very coastly mobile my range is 250000

  24. red magic 3 should be at second number

  25. Razer phone2=❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. Red magic 3is first for gaming

  27. ROG Phone II is no 1

  28. I think Red magic 3s is the best gaming phone

  29. Asus ROG, Huawei mate 20x and mi shark

  30. 2k19 k smartphone pa video gamesphone with game plan

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