Riwbox BT05 Headphones Review. Best Headphones for kids and gaming in 2020. Christmas gift ideas 2020 boys. Amazon purchase link can be found below.

Nate & Kate just got new wired and wireless best headphones for kids and they couldn’t be more excited. Watch them sing along their favorite songs from Frozen 2, Into The Unknown, originally sing by Idina Menzel, with their new headphones.

One of their most favorite parts about these headphones is the SD card slot, where they can store their…

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  2. makasih atas informasi soal headphonesnya

  3. Lucuknya yg ngereview…

  4. wah keren banget head phone nya yah

  5. Anak anak yang pintar gemess klw lihat anak2 kk
    Love u hanny…semoga sehat terus ya sayang ??

  6. Great wireless headphones and beautiful gift for christmas. Love it my friend. See you soon.

  7. review yg sangt bgus skli kak,,,,,sukses sllu

  8. Lucu banget aktif anak anakya

  9. Kedua dede kecilnya ganteng dan cantik, pintar dan lucu2

  10. Headphone nya nambah ke unyuan anak2 ni..

  11. what do you listening to ? super cute kids kate and nate
    bye see you on the next

  12. I love it! Love the design and color!

  13. kado natalnya semoga awet ya dek, semoga jadi anak yang berbakti amin

  14. like this colour

  15. Nice voice nice vlog guys

  16. Headphones nya bagus bangett
    Dedek senang banget nih.

  17. Wah keren nih kecil2 dah pandai review produk ??

  18. jadi kepingin beli dan cobaiiin

  19. So cuteand nice video,,, ????

  20. Awesome review.. Have fun guys…

  21. Bagus ya headphone nya.

  22. Nice and very good headphones for kids

  23. Adorable kids, they are so genius

  24. Kereen bangeet murah lagi

  25. Dapat kado natal headphone bagus dengan warna yang menarik senwng banget ya

  26. Good job Nate & Kate.. very nice review… I love the pink one…wish you both have fun with your new headphones

  27. So nice the earphones nya
    Warnanya itu bagus banget

  28. wahhh keren headphone nya

  29. I have Kate’s headphones

  30. Hi my friend like back too You how. You make it You still have comments on. My all gone 🙁 and nobody cant comments my posts 🙁

  31. i love the color of the headseat little kids thank you so much for sharing

  32. I love these headphones. We have two pair and I just purchased a third for my oldest daughter. Best kid headphones ever.

  33. Wow so cool Headset ?

  34. Nice review…
    I like…?

  35. cool review! Jad just got some new headphones too!

  36. The editing is wonderful !! Love this video! You are adorable!????❤?Have a good day!?☺️

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  38. ur girl is super cute. Actually both r cute. Count me in,n come to my profile.

  39. great headphone review
    I saw your comment on of my favorite channels cadyscorner 🙂
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  40. So cute. Nice clip ❤❤❤

  41. Lk#171
    Haha.. So cute
    Good morning
    Thank u for shareing
    Very enjoyed
    Adorable upload
    They so happy unboxing
    Happy family
    Good information
    Respect u
    Stay healthy
    Good luck always
    See u

  42. Enjoy Kids. Merry Christmas to you All.

  43. ????★。˛°. ★** ★ ˛*super , Like it.

    ˛°_██_ .˛* .??⛄? ??⛄

  44. what a lovely headphones I wish I had that

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