In this Video, Jay Andrews from Tech Parental reviews the Cozyphones Headphones for Kids.
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With all of the kids headphones on the market, Cozyphones have designed a unique fleece headband with ultra-thin speakers embedded within.


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SunPak 6200DX tripod

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  1. Tech tips for parents sign me up lol

  2. Can a 14 year old child wear them

  3. I would buy one of them for my kids!!… oh wait ?.. I don't have kids ?

  4. That is actually pretty cool for kids, is diff and seems pretty comfortable

  5. Nice review man! Love the new direction of your channel!

  6. You didn't want to throw them on for the camera Jay? Haha

  7. These are pretty unique, I would imagine you could wear these around longer compared to traditional headphones due to comfort

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