The 2019 iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad 9.7 and iPad Pro all differ slightly. With such a vast lineup of iPads it makes it tough to pick the best one for your needs. Hopefully this video will help make your decision easier!

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  1. I tried to make this video as super simple as possible without being to technical for those who are confused on what iPad to buy! Hope it helps! Hit me up on discord if you have any questions.

  2. My Grandmother is 75 year old. Should I better get an older 12.9 iPad model for her? Main usage is Mail, Internet, Whatsapp and Skype. Which one is the best in terms of money and still supported OS?

  3. I want purchase iPad mini 2019, for entertainment n playing games is it still worth ??

  4. Do the pens come with

  5. Thank you for this video because this helped me realize that I need the iPad Air instead of Pro because I was just going to get Pro bcuz it’s big and pretty. Thanks again☺️

  6. This really helped my decision I really want to buy and iPad with my own money and the 9.7 is perfect

  7. The cheapest Ipad is the best.

  8. Bruh, I’m using the iPad 5th Generation…

  9. Thank you so much for this critical information about these iPads what is the inch of air and pro

  10. Which iPad works like the iPad pro except cheaper?

  11. Does the iPad pro 12.9 inches has a Sim card slot

  12. will ipad air be good for doing stuff like giving presentation and for some business works as i have budget around INR 40000. Please Reply

  13. I want iPad Pro because I’m a content creator:)

  14. I have several years of acounting on my dektop which has just died. I want a pad that allows me to put the Quicken program in and download atleast 3 years back. I have it baced up. Can I do this on your IPAIR. My business is abuilding with rental fices. Not a lot of acouning. Rent and xpenses. Finally, is ther some whee I can go to talk to someone about this purchase?

  15. Will the pro change for 2020?

  16. iPad Mini is good for me I'll use it for drawing

  17. This video helped me so much. Buying a iPad for my 8 year old, was struggling to find the right one. Thanks so much??

  18. Heer is ugh airro |

  19. I’m still rocking the iPad mini 2 in 2019?

  20. Can we post Instagram videos from an only GPS model ? Or we need a cellular model to be able to sign in with cellular number ? Is cellular model worth it ?

  21. My favourite is ipad 7th generation and I have it I think it is good for everything

  22. I want an iPad that has every app working, because I've been using my iPad 2 for almost 6 years now and many apps like Reddit, Instagram,Twitter( the apps I use the most) don't work on my iPad 2.

  23. I have an ipad air 2 and struggling to find a stylus

  24. Break thé fuck out of it

  25. Pretty poor quality iPad the basic one.

  26. Hi, my partner is deaf and communicates by sign language, she loves to live chat. what would be the best iPad for video live chat ? please help.

  27. how much is £ in $ idk

  28. Someone stole my iPad mini. Me and my sister were so pissed we would beat up the thief so badly

  29. This is why Apple is failing. When Steve Jobs was alive you didn’t need YouTube videos to explain the different models to you, it all just made sense.

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