Selecting an iPad from Apple’s catalog can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s lineup. We take a look at all the iPad models that Apple currently offers, discuss their strengths and shortcomings and show you how to choose an iPad that’s right for you.

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  1. Digital trends can you help me choose the iPad that I want?
    You see I am picking between the iPad Air 3 and the iPad iPad (9.7)
    My use cases are:
    Edit video
    Edit photos
    Watch movies and videos
    Do work on the iPad

    A LOT of people have recommended me to get the iPad Air 3
    Because I am not going to have a laptop and I am going to need the extra features that the air has over the basic iPad
    So should I get the air or the basic iPad?

  2. Can anyone please help me in deciding which tablet should I buy

    1. Samsung galaxy tab S4

    2. Galaxy tab A

    3. Galaxy tab S5e

    4. Apple ipad pro 12.9 apple ipad mini

    6. New apple ipad air

    7. Microssoft surface go

    8. New Surface pro 6

    The tablet should have keyboard and pen with it. It should have expandable memory. It should have enough memory for video editing and photo editing softwares, for taking pictures , for daily use, for watching videos and movies, for listening music, for reading books, on which tablets can i work for more than 10 hours on multiple programs without worrying about tablet getting hanged and with which tablet i can work with external hard disk and pen drives and can be easily carried with us anywhere on any trip .

  3. Is the extra ram in the top tier ipad pro even used aside for the 1tb storage!

  4. Fuck Apple and ipad…

  5. DFA1979

    …good on you, sir

  6. 0:20 iPad
    0:50 iPad mini
    1:24 iPad Air
    2:03 iPad Pro

  7. I just got the silver 64GB wifi iPad Air today. A Guy that works at Best Buy told me that the new iPad Mini 5 has the A10 fusion chip in it, and I just laughed!

  8. Why is that you have so many subscribers..yet so few views??

  9. My iPad Air 3 won’t bend like the latest pro models.

  10. I just got the apple pencil 2 and the apple keyboard folio today, my new ipad pro 11 inch should arrive in 1-2 days 😀

  11. Give me one and I tell you which one is the best

  12. The ipad 9.7 2018 6 Gen I have is cheap and faster

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