Hp Envy 17t – Great laptop for students or creators in 2020. This is a solid laptop with a bright and vivid display. This creator and student laptop is a great buy for those looking. It’s a great laptop for everyone, but excels in certain creative areas! Buy it here –

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  1. Капець цей ноутбук здоровий.

    Trim this laptop healthy.

  2. I have been waiting for a review of the 17 inch Hp envy. Most people do a review of the 13inch. Thank you for this

  3. I like your videos but I do think you need to incorporate more cons. Otherwise it just sounds like a sales pitch and not a review.

    Hope to see more of this good content in the future!

  4. Optical disk drive? Great, somewhere to rest my coffee ☕️

  5. mx250 seems like a waste of potential. would have liked to see a 1660-min at that size.



    ahhh I see.

  7. i HATE laptops with screens the kinda fold behind the bottom part and sorta lift it up, i know its for better air flow but id rather just use a specialized stand for that

  8. 1100 laptop currently on sale for 900

  9. HP is not something I think of when it comes to computers.

    However, I will say that it's nice to see a laptop these days with an optical drive and lots of ports.

  10. All laptops still look like crap next to a MacBook IMO, trackpads are also garb with window precision drivers. Shame apple charge so much and don't allow low cost options for students with realistic storage options

  11. If it had gtx 1660ti (creator driver) and tb3 I would Of been sold. I love alphanumeric keyboards and they aren’t around as often.

  12. I have looking for something like this for a long time

  13. Thanks for helping with student friendly books. Been struggling find the right one for my son. Espcially since schools don't send kids with books anymore. Now you need a chrome book ?‍♂️

  14. Sup Mister Dom and everyone

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