This video has been a long time coming! I will be presenting the best laptops under 1000 dollars for graphic designers. ►►► Full List of Laptops Below – Don’t Miss It!

I have had a lot of you asking questions about the laptops on a budget. I have found that the “budget” for most designers is under $1000.

► HP Pavilion X360 ( )

► Acer Aspire 5 ( )

► ASUS VivoBook S 15 ( )

► Lenovo…

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  1. Is "asus vivobook S531FL-BQ003T" okay? ?? Intel i5 Whiskey Lake | 512GB SSD NVME

  2. I want to buy a surface pro 7. Is it great for graphics designing?

  3. Thankz.. you cleared my head ..
    On the sidenote google neil nitin mukesh.. he's your doopleganger

  4. Do you prefer a 17.3 or a 15.6??

  5. what do you think of the HP Pavilion gaming 15 DK0001la for graphic design???

  6. What do you think about the Asus vivobook pro 15?

  7. I love all of the disclaimers about them not being the best! Lol!
    Maybe you would help a simple mom out and set up a GoFundMe for my son??? Joking/Not Joking ?

  8. What about asus R541u is it good

  9. very helpfull video!❤ but I'm a bit confused :p do you know if NOTEBOOK A12 HP PAVILION 15-CD099NIA 2CL14EA is good for graphic especially animation!? ?

  10. Is display of Asus laptops good?

  11. I need a slim powerful laptop for photography and videography with a lot of storage for a adobe file lol but I know nothing about computers only software

  12. For advanced psd(3d) and illustrator(3d) and InDesign and corel draw dell g3 17 i5 8 gb ram perfect?? I m beginner in graphic design so will practice extensively

  13. Hey Ben , shall I get MacBook Pro 2015/16 or other laptop almost priced at $1000 for graphic designing and it should at least last long like 3-4 years and should not lag ,I’m a student and just starting ,so can you suggest one?

  14. Im a little late to this but im looking for something around 1200 I need something slim for school and can use for illustrator and photoshop and some video editing.

  15. Hey Ben! I'm an aspiring graphic designer looking to get his first laptop. As a student my budget is very limited which has led me to look into purchasing a refurbished laptop and I've been debating between an xps 9560 or a MacBook pro. They're both generally around the same price of 1,200 and I just wanted an experienced opinion on what would be the better buy. Great content as always hope to see your channel grow!

  16. Is it worth it to get an macbook air 2018? I've recently just started graphic design and I've only started to use Photoshop in september 2018. Is it good for new students who only just getting started in graphics.

  17. Hi Ben, is it still reasonable to get the Microsoft surface pro 3 now (4 years later) as a design student under a budget or is the system too outdated?

  18. I was looking at the Acer Spin 5, what are your opinions on this laptop.

  19. In all honesty, and I know it can be tough for a lot of people cuz I've been there, but if you can shell out 1k for a laptop just wait a little and save up for a little longer and buy a refurbished XPS or something. I CANNOT express how much bang for your buck you can get with a $1,200 refurbished machine over a new under $1,000 machine.

  20. i think this is a response to my comment on your last vid ? i'm here before you reach high subs. thank you very much ? this is a big help ?

  21. nice and informative 🙂

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