Top-tier laptop manufacturers are constantly in competition with one another, outfitting their machines with more RAM, quicker processors, and additional storage while streamlining the design of each system. And fortunately for us, the price of each revision goes down as the capabilities go up.

Our list of the top laptops for 2015 features machines that won’t be obsolete come next summer, and the more you’re willing to spend, the better off you’ll be.

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  1. Of only the asus had an i5 or i7…

  2. when you said laptop I was expecting at least one to have a bvb and cd player.

  3. Hey apple new macbook 13' or dell xps 13'

  4. lenovo ideaapad yoga 3 pro,
    lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon,
    hp spectre x360,
    acer aspire s7

  5. Whose this hottie? ?

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