Picking a laptop for your computer science degree can be a challenge. Let’s break down what you need to know before buying your first laptop as a computer science student.

Why Unix? —
A Quarter Century of Unix —

Dell XPS on Amazon for ~$800 —


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  1. How is the Asus ROG Zephyrus G GA502du with AMD Ryzen 3750H, GTX 1660ti Max-Q, 8GB RAM-upgradable to 24GB, 1.5TB SSD? Will an AMD chip be a drawback? Will this laptop be enough for the CS Program for Coding/Programming?

  2. Ummm i am thinking to buy a mac book pro but do we need to like choose additional programs that they offer inside or is just a waste to buy with all those specs??

  3. Remember one thing before suggesting an Apple product. We're students. We're broke

  4. Is an Intel Core i5 processor good enough?

  5. "Yeah, just a thousand bucks brand new, thats not bad especially for a computer science student." can't relate.

  6. I’m studying software engineering and my macbook pro from 2015 is going strong but I’ve decided to get a 2nd computer that is either windows or linux and I can’t decide there are so many options?

  7. What About For It? (Information Technology)

  8. Is the XPS 13 7390 good for Software Engineering?

  9. Hey guys if someone would be nice enough to help me with a advice…can you please tell me that when we join as freshman in college do they teach us basics from beginning or do we need to learn C+ or C++ before starting out with degree ???

  10. I'm a software engineering student and I specialized in full-stack web development we're doing crazy work on both front and back-end and my computer in dying

  11. Why not buy a cheaper windows pc with better preformance and install linux mint or ubuntu? Since linux is free and gets used a lot in CS courses.

  12. is the student discount still there? I want to buy a Mac Pro by this month

  13. I'm a computer engineering student and on the search of a good laptop for coding and more. I am not a gamer but certainly I am looking for a powerful and affordable computer.
    I have been searching for a computer with different characteristics. What I'm focused on is battery, storage, ram and powerful processor.

    Also, I do not wish the need to sell a kidney to buy it but I really prefer to spend the money if it is completely worth it.

    I'm reallly scared to make a wrong choice as this is what I'll be using a lot and it's a lot of money.

    For almost every choice I have considered there have been some bad reviews so I haven't been able to decide.

    I would really appreciate if you could give me recommendations as all the videos I have seen are for students that need basic utilities and I need something more powerful.

    Thank you for your response and please keep making videos as they are great… 🙂

  14. i ll start my cs degree next year at mit and i m so confused about what kind of laptop i ll bring it macbook pro or pc


  15. I dont think it matters too much but a good laptop with a good cpu will help if you get an assignment that will are ultra cpu intensive may make your laptop literally die compiling the code which happened to someone in grad school I know xD. Bit dumb not doing it on a PC but happens. Although 99% of the time a cheap £300 laptop can do the job coding for most degree programs. Gaming Laptops that are slim and look nice do the trick for me cause I like to game and code which does is great although battery life isn't the best however if your like me you only code inside so it's fine for me.

  16. Ever heard of hackintosh? Great capabilities with dual booting mac os and windows on a windows based pc

  17. Is a Toshiba Satellite C850 good enough? I am so conflicted on wether I should actually get a new one.

  18. Can somebody explain me why many people like ForrestKnight use Windows as their main OS but is using Linux most of the time? Why do they not install linux natively ?

  19. Not the best video for advice 🙁 Only saying that macbook is good… Sorry but every normal computer sciene student knows that your arent actually paying for technology but for the brand

  20. You can also install VMWare on a windows laptop/desktop and can install Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora inside that vm (not on a single vm but multiple) without a problem. It doesn’t overwrite anything.


  22. I am wondering what kind of future computer science student needs to be told what laptop to buy.

  23. I thought any laptop would do. Boy am I wrong

  24. HP ProBook 450 G6 i7-8565U/15.6"FHD UWVA/8GB/256GB/UHD 620/Backlit/Aluminium What is your opinion about this one? I need it for computer science and software engeneering

  25. That strat cought my attention

  26. I'm wondering if an Asus laptop, specs are 8gb ram, 256gb ssd, I was planning on using an external hd 1tb just encase, and 1.8ghrz processing speed. Would this be good for a CS student? I was thinking I may want to up my ram and ssd space. Any suggestions?

  27. Macbook air 2017 128gb ssd? Is it ok?

  28. Is a Huawei Matebook D, enough for Computer Science? I would probably guess so but I got no clue so if there is someone who can answer my question I would really appreciate it

  29. Please help me to choose a laptop:
    – good CPU (i7 8-9 Gen)
    – cheap GPU
    – 16 GB RAM dual-channel
    – SSD (256+ Gb ssd-only is perfect, but additional HDD is acceptable, though not welcome)
    – portable (large battery capacity & low weight)
    – IPS 144 (or 120) Hz, FullHD
    – convenient keyboard (Win key on the left, convenient Del, Home, End, PgUp, PgDn buttons, numpad is welcome but not required)
    – my budget is 1800$
    Laptop will be used primarily for programming, web surfing and movies. And also maybe some low-demanding games like TF2 or WoW.

  30. Guys I bought a Dell XPS 15 9570. I’m bout to start my CS degree, please tell me I didn’t fxck up ?

  31. Studying Software Engineering and I am also using Macbook Pro since high school.

  32. I have an Lenovo x230 from 2013, and it does absolutely everything that i need ( not much ), if you guys want to be cheap ( like really really chep ) search for thoses

  33. It's not just depend on the kitchen, but also the chef

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