As a Graphic Designer some one of the tools you need to have is a good computer. More Graphic Designers are becoming mobile and are going to need a laptop to keep up with there work flows. The thing is not having a good laptop can actually slow down a designer’s workflow. That is why you need to make sure that you get a laptop with the right specs. This article will not only help give you the tools to pick out the right laptop for graphic design. It will also give you some of the best…

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  1. I want to buy a laptop what do you think i should buy ? I am graphic designer to

  2. What do you think about the screen of Predator Helios 300? Ty for the video

  3. Hi bro what's your opinion about acer predator helios 500

  4. Since im a student (Graphics in art school) i wanna buy something afordable. After days of research i speculate between two 14” laptops msi ps42 prestige (i5 16gb ram intel uhd graphics 620 and 520gb ssd 99%sRGB 68%adobeRGb) or Asus ZenBook ux433fa (i5 8gb ram intel uhd graphics 620 and 256gb ssd 89%sRGB 58adobeRGb). To be honest msi is slighty cheaper, has more and useful for me slots but Asus is way more cool looking and has a little brighter screen. I hope you give me some advice! And I whish I could afford dell xp 15…

  5. awesome video! it was super helpful ^_^

  6. I work with Rhino 6 for my daily 9to5, (surveyor/3D architecture/plans elevations ect), but my hobbies are oil painting, art/design, and short animation, plus a bit of music production. I have £1000 budget, what would you recommend, I really need a sensitive "realistic" drawing experience, I know a lot depends on software, but is anything trumping surface atm for this price range?

  7. Simple, no fluff, exactly what I wanted!!! Thank you brother!

  8. Thank you!! Super helpful. All roads lead to this expensive Surface Book 2 ?

  9. Your camera is a little low like i am on the floor while you are talking to me. But great content.

  10. Thanks for your honest review from every prespective right from price to specifications.

  11. Good job … I'm running Asus UX410UA for my design and it's amazing, but the only downside is the touchpad it's not as precise as the Macbooks. Can it be fixed in some way and which PC's on your list has a good ones?

  12. Great vid. Thanks a lot mate.

  13. Great vid always appreciate the honesty

  14. Great video really some good options!

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