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Laptops have been getting more diverse and exciting in recent years, but that can make choosing the right model even more challenging. If you’re looking for a solid machine for school work, media, and maybe some gaming, we’ve rounded up our favorite Mac and Windows machines.

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  1. i dont understand why people come to watch these videos and expect a $300 Macbook-equivalent computer. Im not rich, but there is something called savings and getting a job.

  2. Need a channel or video that has UK product links lol

  3. Can ask for a list for under a $1000

  4. kinda wanna get a gaming laptop since I won't have a pc in college 🙁 but I might go basic and get a MacBook

  5. Only rich students keep watching

  6. I'm broke…. So I only had an 'hp window 7' ;-; (hehehe down worry I'm contented to it)

  7. 888 comments already…


  8. Quick tip. You can get a tablet for half of the price of a laptop with almost the same specs. I bought a MacBook Pro (with two side ports for 2400 CAD) I could have gotten an IPad for less than $1200 with accessories, or even less if you don’t choose an overpriced apple product.

  9. I looked up the 2 in 1 Dell XPS and it's cheaper than the non 2 in 1

  10. Y’all said budget.
    What the fuuu

  11. My limit is $200….. too broke for this sh*t.

  12. A good video, on expensive laptops, not for students ?? well most students

  13. 3:27
    Dell XPF 13 ultraportable

  14. The battery of laptops last maximum a month and it's a thing I don't like.The battery of my phone (android) it's been so many years that work like new (it looks like never consume) with hours of HD movies,apps,games etc.

  15. im a student… im not rich

    have a budget of $450 bruh

  16. I don’t think anyone that eats ramen for breakfast lunch and dinner can afford these

  17. broke student, get a CHUWI LOL ))

  18. Not everyone is broke and not everyone hates apple laptops. Stop saying that what you think is what everyone thinks because I have a MacBook and its great for school. Not the cheapest but not everything is cheap.

  19. Just don’t get an hp laptop

  20. Here is good laptop LENOVO IdeaPad S145 Core i3 8145U, 8GB, 256GB SSD, HD Graphics, 15,6" FHD, Windows 10 for around 300$

  21. Yeah im student but i dint use my parents money to buy this things….and when i see 3 zero immabottodie!

  22. yeah more like rich students

  23. फभछ्हथफै

  24. All I see in these comments are kids complaining… you know you don't have to go to college right after Highschool right ?

  25. i really angry about so many world say

    "Asus laptop pcs are number 2 in the world"!

    in reality
    they never gets any Asus laptops or pcs

    just yelling fake infomation

    and avoid them


    why do that?

    asus laptop the taiwaian laptop's sound is very very hightest quailty

    asus laptop pcs are great except "electronical unsafe"

    yeah electrics in them are bump each other
    and explote "bomb!"

    they are still yelling no. 2! asus laptop pcs

    why they never buy them?

    real great sound and blur graphic technology and electronical unsafe!!!

    i hope
    keep their rules themselves at first…….

  26. Can you help me, what is the best laptop under 850 dollars، I use it for studying, p and a little gaming, I want just ssd in any size, and 8 gb ram, i7 or a good i5, and And any useful additions (unnecessary)، thanks

  27. And which car to buy for school? A Lamborghini?

  28. What kind of bullshit “budget” list is this? You do realise that back to school includes high school students as well as college/university students, right? I’m not spending $1000+ (US mind you, so $1700+ in my country) on a computer for my 13 year old to head off to high school with. Also, more emphasis on battery life would be useful as my daughter isn’t allowed to charge her laptop whilst at school- stupid I know. They’re required to have laptops, with no recommendations on preferred models, brands or specs, but they’re not allowed to charge them at school, go figure.

  29. Get a used Toshiba Z30 ultrabook off ebay. Businesses bought them in bulk and there's tons of on ebay now. I spent $135 on mine and it's awesome for school.

  30. I am saving up for a Macbook Pro just wanted to see if it is good for a Student reason why is for somereasons windows laptops allways die on me 2-3y after using it my other laptop i have now is bearly 2y old and i only used it for school but it dies within 4h where before it was 10h and it isn't as quick anymore as before where my sister has a 5yold macbook air and it still runs as normal and she even uses it way more since she uses it and her husband so that is why i decided to go with a macbook pro for my study next year ?

  31. Stop recommending macbooks please. They are not affordable at all coming with non-powerful specs

  32. Those ears though

  33. I would get a Macbook if the Keyboard and the ports wouldnt annoy me so much

  34. I cannot decide might wait till next summer

  35. I watched the Linus tech tips laptops way better choices then he gave me he needs to do his research or go work under Linus until he knows what a good performing laptop that is cheap really is

  36. Student here referring to a phd student !!

  37. I'm online schooling and I really need to know what laptop I should get.

  38. I've got a legion y 540
    I'm happy enough

  39. "Alright guys we're gonna look at a few nice laptops for you students who are living a poor dorm room with pound sof student loans on your shoulders"

    "Aaand first up this 900 dollar surface pro!"

  40. Get a Dell Inspiron 15 3542

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