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I’m breaking down my hands on experience with 4 amazing new laptops at CES 2020, plus a few honorable mentions!

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  1. Missed your appearances on twit tv.

  2. Love the larger display on XPS; I wish that was the case for most laptops.

  3. Hey! I love you on Hak5! Love to have found your personal channel! Woohoo! Subbed. I am new to the CyberSecurity field. I just started Woz – U last October. I'm half way through. Your videos keep me fueled to pursue my dream. Thank you for being here.

  4. what's rough on that XPS is that if you want 16GB, the only option (at least at today, Feb 8th) is the i7/512GB/4k display… which costs over 2K after tax. I wonder if later they'll have 1080p version with 16gb RAM. Anyway, I might just go for it. I bought every contender last month at the same time – Spectre x360, Lenovo C940, Surface Laptop 3 – returned them all. This new bezel-less Dell is gonna be the one, I think

  5. I love the Dell XPS 13. Awesome combination of tininess and power. It will be a great travel companion for when I work overseas. The price isn't too bad either.

  6. That add was waaaaaaaaay too long.

  7. I was so excited about the Dell xps 9300 until I saw the unnecessary price bump over the 2in1 & the shipment date pushed until March

  8. Can the e-ink display on the ThinkPad be used as an e-book reader when closed?

  9. That eink ltop could be the ultimate pdf /ereader imho. For people who have to read a lot.

  10. Shannon so glad you're enjoying your own channel! You are incredibly smart, savvy and enjoyable to watch.. Been watching for years..appreciate your tech knowledge! Congratulations on the marriage a few years ago …. My wife and I's youngest daughter just finished her degree in cybersecurity so she is now in the I.T. World!! One more to up the young women professionals numbers! ….Blessings!! P.s. Great CES coverage…thanks!!

  11. Thanks so much Lenovo for the sponsorship of Shannon's Channel during CES! <3

  12. Nice overview of the new laptop choices. Sailor Snubs scrolling was cool

  13. That Think Pad at the end looks like an awesome business laptop for doing email and reading reports. I would remove Alexa ASAP if I had it.

  14. Nice job shannon like it all technology love it ??

  15. oh gods please tell me you can install linux on that e-ink backed laptop and it still function. That would be amazing.

  16. Always love the XPS line, however that Acer does look sweet with the included Wacom pen, but that extra $1000 stings a bit. 😉
    P.S. Love when a techy still says "jif," YES! 😉

  17. You were living your best life at CES!!!!

  18. any interest in more irl vids ?
    best wishes happy new year !!!!

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