Today we’re taking a look at the iPad Pro as a note-taking device. Should it replace your paper notebook?

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RocketBook (my favorite notebook):
Notebinder (the best regular-paper notebook):
iPad Pro:

My Ultimate College Packing…

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  1. It’s worth noting the 2018 iPad is compatible with the Apple Pencil, you don’t have to spend the extra for the iPad Pro, unless you want the bigger screen

  2. Paper Like screen protector: am i a joke to u?

  3. notability or good notes or one note

  4. Change the title of video from "iPad vs Peper notebooks" to "Noteshelf 2 vs Peper notebooks"…?. Thanks for the conclusion though ?

  5. I love my iPad Pro 11!
    In split screen I can have GoodNotes open and my textbook. I can cut and paste my questions, tables, graphs etc into my notes.
    It didn’t take long to fall in love with the 2nd gen pencil!
    Yes the combination is expensive but I don’t regret it!

  6. What app do u use as a notebook

  7. Well, I guess I was one of the only ones that skipped right down the comments to look if sb figured that he could also be on the cover of a GQ magazine…
    Way too good looking for a tech nerd – jezzes…

  8. the regular"notes" app that comes included is legit. especially since its free. i have yet to have the app hold me back at all. i think they just updated it too

  9. Notability all the way.

  10. I would be great to be able to look up notes from a previous semester in class. For editability, I take notes on loose leaf paper and keep it in a ring binder. I review, add in extra pages, draw or past in printed out images or redo pages in a more logical fashion which takes time but is good for memorising imo. The biggest down side to a loose leaf binder is the bulk, not having imediate access to it later in your career, and the editing needs to be done at a desk with sissors, glue, printer and coloured pens. Different times, more effient, yet more costly (upfront at least) methods.

  11. “PalmPilot” blast from the past. Whatever happened PP?

  12. Like this or this or else ????????gg

  13. I've used the iPad 7 gen, very skeptical of the note taking app, notes. I love taking notes on paper. I have pads of paper everywhere. After using the notes while taking notes from the websites, books, YouTube, etc. I love the iPad for notes. I have far less clutter. I don't have to carry around all the highlighter's, erasers, different color pens and pencils. I love the cut and paste feature as well. Just my opinion. Plus I work with clients, so I can update with a simple email.

  14. Apple notes native note app now supports typing and handwriting notes!

  15. I'e had a surface and an ipad. I traded in my surface and I am going back to an ipad… I'm in college, doing my second degree, as an accelerated bachelor of science in nursing. I think both are very similar in latency (almost none) with the pens and handwriting, very comparable. However, the surafce applications that support handwriting, in my opinion, aren't as good as the ipad apps, and because I have an iPhone, I think the ipad has better connection from tech products to tech product. I don't currently have a mac, but I am working towards being totally apple-based again (I also have an apple watch). I also think while windows 10 is a huge improvement in ecosystem, I still believe apple has the best, most polished ecosystem for tech and so, this drove me back to the ipad, to have cohesion with my iphone and apple watch (and some day a mac)

  16. “Marking a book is literally an experience of your differences or agreements with the author. It is the highest respect you can pay him.”

  17. after 1000 files you are going to lose one or two.

  18. Lol samsung been having that

  19. A day will come where writing on actual paper will be classy.

  20. Is NoteShelf2 still your favourite? – I have tried a few (excluding NoteShelf2) and settled on Notability

  21. forget paper . bullshit

  22. Thank you for all the info on Noteshelf 2! No idea it was gonna be a part of this video. I had totally given up on it with my Chromebook 2-in1. Also, thanks for the Rocketbook info.

  23. Hello,
    Could you please recommend a decent and effective app, for iPad, for converting handwritten notes to typed text?

  24. ipad for split screen?

    Laughes in android split screen feature.

  25. You didn't like to write on an ipad bcuz,……..

    your handwriting sucks?

  26. If you don’t put your notes on paper, they will never come true. The first step to give your thoughts a sense of life (existence) to this world, is to put them on papers. The same is true for your dreams/goals. In other words, soft copy notes are still not born.

  27. is noteshelf 2 free? Any other ipads that are good for notetaking and have the features of noteshelf 2?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  28. Lots of hormonal kids admiring Thomas rather than concentrating on the products. Can't blame them.

  29. are we all gonna not mention how hot this guy is?

  30. i am morr interested in you than the ipad. you look incredibly hot and cute.

  31. Use the screen protector ‘Paper Like” it provides a very similar friction on the iPad like you get from actual paper. This will give a faster way to adapt to writing on glass.

  32. – It comes with Notes, also Keynotes and Pages are free and all support the pencil and PDF. I’m a NoteShelf 2 user.

  33. These writing programmes are suitable for diagramatic subjects with lots of list type info in subcategories which are highly related to each other such as medicine, where the copious material ulitmately is memorised for exams, but for notetaking in subjects such as philosophy, the tactile phsical relationship with writing on paper has an important cognitive effect on thoughtfully learning and reflcting on ideas more intuitively

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