This video contains an unboxing, review, and sound sampling. I bought these because our kids got a Nabi tablet. Even though these headphones were designed for kids, they are great headphones for adults too! I’d even go so far as to say that these headphones compete with the Beats Audio headphones I’ve listened to!

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Nabi 2 Nickelodeon…

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  1. These are not Bluetooth right?

  2. is this only for nabi?

  3. For whatever reason, they had these on clearance at Walmart aka the evil empire, for only $20. Didn't know what they were haha

  4. I just got these for christmas. They are good headphones but they have a TON of sound leakage so don't listen to them around other people of the volume is above 50 or 60.

  5. These aren't a rebranded beats headphones, it's another brand and honestly they should sound better than Beats because Beats kind of suck. Beats are way heavy on the lows and highs. 

  6. Do you know if these could hook up to regular tablets or phones? Or are they only compatible with the nabi?

  7. How much do they cost?

  8. I just got these on line through Target and LoVE them! I have Sony headphones with noise cancellation that I paid twice the price. My Sony pair broke so I looked for a replacement and I'm very happy with the choice I made. Thank you for posting this video because I had a few questions and you answered every one of them. Much peace!

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