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  1. HQ is a Notebook CPU ?

  2. Desktops are origin is a rippoff, i can buy the same exact pc for 25% less

  3. Anyone else relise the sound at 2:43 is from roller coaster tycoon?

  4. C A N A D I A N R U B L E S

  5. “Random website” :)))

    Yes sure, TaoBao it’s just the BIGGEST e commerce website in the world, and the 8th most visited site of the planet 😉 Ever heard about Alibaba ? That’s it.

  6. these cpus are common in china.

  7. Here in the Philippines we can buy a legitimate i7 4790 for 4500 pesos, that's around 90 US Dollars.

  8. arma 3 is what you should have used to test

  9. this is pretty horrible considering you could get a r5 1600 at the time for $120 with a $50 mb and 8gm of ddr4 for $40 that would blow this junk right out of the water lmao.

  10. Opens edge for the first time.
    "This is very important news".
    Downloads Chrome.

    LOL (been there)

  11. I have the same processor in my laptop

  12. do you want some paper mate?

  13. Jojo's Bizzare Intel i7

  14. I have that exact same bent 2016 monitor that I use for my PS4

  15. for 100e i get new ryzen 7 1700 + it comes with included cooler

  16. linus looks alike old-jim carrey

  17. Was not bad….. Except now we have $85 R5 1600AF (*cough* re-branded 2600 *cough*) SOOOOOOOO-

  18. Or you could buy a Dell Optiplex with a 4th gen i7, shove a graphics card and PSU into it, and call it a day.

  19. Canadian Roubles 😀

  20. I love your and your team’s content. I just don’t want to watch anything but listening and looking at your videos helps my anxiety aand i get to know some new stuff, aanndd it helps me sleep. Anyway i just wanted to thank your collaboration. ?

  21. 07:25 Meme plz. This fcker makes me happy 😀

  22. Origin makes me cry. Every single time I visit their emporium my heart is afflutter with dreams and fantasy…. until I see the shipping cost to the netherlands.

  23. Meh. My raspberry pi is about 3x cheaper 😉

  24. fake intel me no cant

  25. but is china intel core i7 is $100 wait what you plug in your pc yes or no

  26. Ok, couple of thing:
    a)the buying from TaoBao is usually done by couple of things at a time,so p&p is cheaper !
    b)This is SMT ,for the science sake !!!
    If by quantity,it goes with a patterned pcb,containing a LOT of small cpu convertors.
    Then it goes into an SMT pick&place machine,where the cpu chip itself is lowered by specific head into the pcb.
    Maybe,then,in the same machine,BUT,by different head,the heatspreader is p&placed.
    Then,it goes out of smt machine,and into the smt multizone oven.
    That's all.

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