BMAX Y13 review.A 13.3-inch touch screen 360-degree laptop powered by the Gemini Lake N4100 or N4120 with, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, Wireless AC, BT 5.0, Type-C USB 3.1, 38w battery. Currently $359 with coupon GBBMAXY13 here

03:15 – SDD & Internals
04:54 – Unlocked bios
05:27 – Ports
06:36 – Keyboard & touchpad
08:03 – Windows & benchmarks
10:23 – Display & Colour space
11:29 – Audio & sample
12:17 – Real world…

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  1. Currently $359 with coupon GBBMAXY13 here
    03:15 – SDD & Internals

    04:54 – Unlocked bios

    05:27 – Ports

    06:36 – Keyboard & touchpad

    08:03 – Windows & benchmarks

    10:23 – Display & Colour space

    11:29 – Audio & sample

    12:17 – Real-world performance

    14:31 – Gaming and thermals

    15:14 – Linux Mint test

    15:32 – Recap with Pros & Cons

  2. Hello im in need of help my b Max y13 is Not turning on it has a Power Light but the display dosent turn on any help

  3. What is boot menu key

  4. DEAD AFTER 2 MONTHS. I was watching your channel and went with the BMAX Y13. However, after less than 2 months the computer just stopped turning on. I tried to contact support which is pretty horrible with little to no service. They only provide a 15 day warranty which is a little better than dollar store. This laptop, in particular, did not leave my desk it's entire life and was used sparingly. My entire office uses mac and this was only purchased to access a few gov sites that only work on windows. Nothing was even installed on this PC, its just stopped turning on. Only a little blue flash but the screen and computer are dead essentially.

  5. I'm 40 and and I don't care about the logo at the back. Great review tho. Im on the hunt for a cheap yoga style laptop. This is a good contender imo.

  6. Bmax 13 or talcast f6 plus which is the best

  7. Can it run Photoshop and Cinema 4D for very basic task?

  8. I just love this notebook!

  9. Can't find the screen brightness mentioned in the video, did I miss it?

  10. if you notice the logo upside down looks like a sad dog..

  11. Quick question do you think we will be able to replace the keyboard with the chuwi aerobook keyboard ? As an upgrade or replacement if need be ?

  12. Can any of those type c charging laptops , be charged with 12v 1.5amps ? Chris somewhere said that it needs 12v 2amps. With 1.5amps is it going to charge slower or not at all? I have a 12v/1.5amp blitzwolf powerbank and trying to decide what laptop/tablet to buy. Any help will be appreciated!(already commented at bmax y11 but with no luck, sorry for the repost)

  13. Does it support ssd m2 sata

  14. Please I will love to know if the intel 4100 better than core i5 3rd generation or 4th generation

  15. Could you make a pen test please.

  16. Hi Chris, finally get my BMAX Y13. But when I turn wifi and restarted I got Inaccessible Boot Device. I got that error also on my PC 3 days earlier after update. Reinstalled -> updated -> same error. So I had to find pirated windows to fully stop updates. Does not allow me to uninstall updates manually from cmd and I don't want to re-install Windows.. Any idea, please?

  17. Please what is the battery life of the laptop

  18. I Have One Problem 100% Charge " 3 hrs 45 min Remaining" This is a Charge of over 6 Hrs.

    I have on owned this laptop for only for 11 day, it arrived Dec.15 2019 I have turn off some of the Auto- Start Apps that Microsoft says they will control them to make my computer run smoothly? By doing this 3 hrs 45 mins Turn into 4 hrs 56 min. I have been trying gain more time You said that battery time was around 7 hrs. I once after charging over night, to my surprise battery reading was 6 hrs 20 min. Amazon had a description of the time it 7 hrs or 9 hrs.

    At Ali Express They described it at 5 hrs. Chuwi Tables maybe from Chuwi or 3rd party selling on Amazon sold me two used Tablets. I payed for New Tablets.

    Something I notice was after charging within 1 hr. down 50% The other tablet after charging reach a temp. of 100 degrees. Amazon refunded my money.

    Is it possible to Buy a New Battery for my laptop? and Replace it? If so were would I buy one?

    If I replace the battery this will not effect the memory or setting will it?

    I notice in Your video I saw only one wire that was solder.

    Any Suggestions or Advice would be Greatly Appreciated.

    Seasons Greetings and Have a Great New

  19. I have a small dought sir, if it has any problem where we have to go?

  20. Does this laptop really have no light leakage, including the bottom of the screen? There is usually some kind of weird light variation at the bottom of the screen, noticeable when it's white. So far, it's only AMOLED screens which I have been happy with.

  21. Waiting for it! (Bought on Black Friday)
    One question Chris, does this laptop has any possibility to connect eGPU? It hasn't thunderbolt 3 on the usb c, right?

  22. Could you suggest a lightweight adapter for these laptops?
    Can I charge with any adapter with power delivery & type c cables?
    How high can we go?
    The adapter in the box here is 24W, can we do 45W? or 65W?

  23. hello , this spyder 5 pro programm is free ?

  24. what about stylus support?

  25. Bmax or chuwi?

  26. have u tried hooking it to a 21:9 monitor? many cheap laptops doesn’t support it.

  27. Does the screen support active stylus like the y11?

  28. Hi guys, what type of ssd could i use to upgrade the bmax y13? M.2 SATA III 22X80 only is ok? Thank you very much!

  29. Hi i'm not sure if this questions was already answered but is there a way to connect this laptop to my Computer Monitor ?

  30. can it handle photoshop?

  31. Can you suggest a good type c charger for this laptop? What I have heard is that it won't charge with most of chargers? It needs very specific current? So please suggest a good type c charger for this device

  32. Ommg!! I'm soo Confused.
    I'm don't know what to choose. BMAX MaxBook Y13 or Chuwi Aerobook.
    Can you please give me an advice?!
    I'm a student, & I think I'll need a laptop generally for Research, Youtube Videos, watching series on Netflix, Hulu, Ect… Read Pdf & Write documents and more importantly Streaming live Video (with a webcam)!
    I'm not a huge fan of video games, But i would love to play Sims4*, *Minecraft and Old games Like Cs … (but games are not a must)
    Maybe I'll jumpe to editing videos/Pics (But also it's not a must)

    Who do you think will fit with me the most based on what i want?
    Thank U soooooo much for your videos ❤ I'm a huge fan✌

  33. Bmax Y13 or Bmax Y14?

  34. Hello, does someone here knows how to change the Function keys in the BIOS on this computer? it drives me crazy to press the F2, F4, and making other things rather the fuction keys it self.

  35. Which is the space beetwen the backplate and the heatspreader? Thanks

  36. I am thinking about buying this one. I am a student and I do document editing and web surfing most of the time, and this machine seems decent for that! If you have any other recommendations I'd be thankful 🙂

  37. Thank you for your awesome reviews! Just subscribed. Would this laptop be ok for light video editing? I am trying to find a cheap option for editing videos. I don't know if I should buy a used laptop or one of these chinese options. Any recommendations? Thank you for any information.

  38. I have to say, after using BMAX X14 and comparing it with what you've mentioned in this video, Y13 is a bit better.

  39. Thanks Chris .Its worth buying

  40. It supports battery charging from a power bank, through the type-c?

  41. Hello. Could you check the screen for PWM modulation at different brightness levels.

  42. Do you think it's possibile to open It and replace speakers? Buyed one today but the speakers scares me

  43. You know why you wouldn't invite this man to a party right? Because he'll be nitpicking on everything from the food to the lack of people that he likes.

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