The Bond Touch Bracelets

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  1. FAQ:

    Q: Is this video sponsored?
    A: Technically, no. The brand itself didn’t pay me a dime. It was a product, video exchange.

    Q: is it waterproof?
    A: not this one, but they released a new one that is as of 2019.

    Q: Do you need WiFi?
    A: You have to keep this app open in the background and it does use data/WiFi.

    Q: what does the “touch” feel like?
    A: it’s basically like a phone vibration on your wrist.

    Q: how old are you?
    A: We were both 17 at the time of this video.

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  2. When ur in a ldr but just too broke to get them

  3. I really want a watch like this for me and him (even if we aren't long distance HAHA) but unfortunately they don't ship this in my country 🙁 are there any watches or accessories similar to this one? huhu

  4. me and my gf are still going for three months now so proud

  5. Do you have to have your phone on you for it to work

  6. me and my boyfriend aint even long distance but i want these

  7. If your phone goes outa service will it still work?

  8. Can you send a tap if you aren’t on the phone or on the app? Even if it’s still in the same room as you

  9. How far do y'all live apart like how many hours lol I'm so random I'm just wondering

  10. Sucks that you get only 10 taps a day

  11. This is so cute ??? And im singel ?

  12. could you use this with family members?

  13. My boyfriend lives in New Mexico. I live in the UK. We have been dating for a year. We have been looking into these bracelets ?

  14. But how do you know if he’s not cheating ? what if he touches his bracelet but is with another girl at the same time

  15. could u send morse code messages??

  16. I have a best friend in new zealand, I'm from the uk :c

  17. Female version of Castey Neistat.

  18. long distance relationship here

    PA – NJ

  19. Does the bracelets need to be near your phone?

  20. so many dudes with 'girlfriends in Canada' would've used this as proof if this had existed while I was in high school

  21. Chinese soldiers use this for Morse code

  22. my girlfriend and I are thinking of getting these!!! saving up as we speak✨?

  23. How do you connect the bracelets together when I live in a different state and he lives in Tennessee so they know to connect each other ?

  24. How do you connect the bracelets together when I live in a different state and he lives in Tennessee so they know to connect each other ?

  25. wanna get one for me and my gf but she's already suspicious that i'm a lesbian and i ain't gonna fuel that fire any further ?

  26. i may just save 200 dollars for these

  27. my gf got one of these for me 🙂

  28. I can already imagine me and my boyfriend arguing and taking them off 🙁

  29. It's called smartwatch

  30. I’m getting one for my internet best friend Serelia, I’m so excited ??

  31. I’m possibly buying this soon for my best friend since he sadly lives like 1000 miles away from me but I’ll most likely buy it for his birthday soon but thank you for this video✨?

  32. long distance relationships aren’t real

  33. I have a little scratch on one of them.. at the place when light is.. it’s tiny. You can barely see it.. and it’s working normally so I think it’s cosmetic flaw idk but it still worries me

  34. Why was this in my recommended

  35. this is sad.

  36. Came here from Angelikas video

  37. Ma’am this is sponsored…you got something in exchange for a whole ass video. You are by law required to disclose this information btw. So I suggest you put a disclaimer in your video description.

  38. imma buy this and wear them on each arm

  39. MORSE CODE :0000

  40. Any tips on a long distance relationship ?!

  41. ur moms so nice i asked my mom and she starting cursing at me -_-

    but its ok bc my bf broke up with me a few days later XD

  42. Oh so this is what the drama video was about…

  43. i wish i had the money to buy one of these for my boy❤️❤️

  44. This called me single in Morse Code…

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