We got into dairy cattle in a big way. Pickup the best truck bale lift bed made (hydra bed). Purchase multiple cattle equipment to get started in dairy in a big way.
What a beautiful map: If you agree like No Creeks Page
New roleplay series is based on real terrain map in North Central Missouri. Where the ground is rich soil with an abundance of green rowing fields.
Do you like Farm Builds or Realistic Farm? Check out my youtube site:…

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  1. I think the GMC looks better than the ford.

  2. Ford
    On the

  3. I have a square body with a 3 point for the tale gate

  4. Weres the body ?

  5. Can you get me the link to that map or is not out yet

  6. omg my comment was heartedd!!!!!!!

  7. If it ain’t red leave in the shed

  8. Case 1570. Spirt of 76 is the white tractor with the American flag

  9. Case

  10. Where can I find the link for the Case Agri King

  11. I get the feeling of a bad crash going to happen while not focusing on the road. Good roleplaying though.

  12. Triple c Inc is a business that makes hydrabeds out of sabetha kansas

  13. Hey Stelvio you should get a 1470 case

  14. I like the GMC sounds

  15. I love this video keep uploading and Iove you and your channel thanks I'm always here

  16. What's your favourite truck mines the Ford

  17. its gonna be a green steiger

  18. Not trying to correct you but you're right the Ford is a 75 I think that's the year the high boy came out…..Good vid as always

  19. Are you going to put a semi hooked to a milk tank on a course play track that will come and pick up your milk maybe every other day he comes. Possibly call him Dale.

    Edit: Also are you going to help just Farmer Jim or are you going to help Jeffrey to

  20. Ford looks the best

  21. How do you place multiple houses on a farm?

  22. Can u tell me where u can get the gmc sierra 2500 truck your driving.

  23. I like the old ford

  24. I love the way that semi sounds like its shifting gears!!!!

  25. That style mixer cant handle a full round bale

  26. 'Whats' you're intro song called?

  27. I really love that Case AgriKing, my dad ran one when he was young

  28. Ford with the maroon trailer instead of white

  29. Great video squad farms

  30. Love the hydro bed keep up the good work!

  31. when it so no views

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