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  1. This nigga lasted 30 seconds

  2. How is this not age restricted??

  3. 5:00kills him like how games supposed to be played
    “I thought I could trust you” ?

  4. You've got the bone structure

  5. He said that’s pretty gay hhaaaaaha

  6. Speaking of that is this dude tryna beat his meat wtf

  7. Bruh bruh listen closely he said get the ? lmaoooo

  8. Why was he still online I only do that shit when I’m in bed and about to go to sleep

  9. Well you was playing with a gay guy

  10. Did he say that game is gay??

  11. This nigga is weird asf like this shit is so fucking weird do this nigga think ppl is dumb this nigga is literally fucking someone in the mike

  12. This is so fake

  13. Btw that’s you dong that

  14. Yo said lemme get my lotion

  15. He's loves touching him self

  16. He sound like he fat

  17. The fact that he just.. sighs plays it off like nothing happened.

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