An affordable $200 laptop great for college students! It’s called the HP 14-an013nr, and let’s find out if it’s worth it. Please leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video.

Buy the products here:
HP 14-inch Laptop, AMD E2-7110, 4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC, Windows 10 (14-an013nr, Silver):
HP 15.6 in Black Odyssey Backpack:
HP 2.4GHz Wireless USB Mouse Z3700 (Turbo Silver):

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  1. So not all college students can afford the latest MacBook or Surface laptop, and not all students NEED a machine with that much power either for their courses. For $200, you're getting a machine that does the basics for school. Internet browsing, Office usage, good for video watching, great keyboard for the price, full desktop OS, etc. Sure it's not perfect, but for a student, it does the basics well.

  2. Cool very informative. Thanks really helped me narrow down my choices.

  3. This computer was the worst

  4. Who is watching this on 2019? totally me!

  5. What are thooooooooooooooozzzzzeeee!!!!

  6. can this laptop is good for editing

  7. I’ve had this laptop 2 years and can agree with everything said. Great laptop very durable just need an external drive and backup battery. Then it’s perfect. My kids use it as well and it’s still in pristine shape

  8. i have a 2011 HP 630

    it costed 90 dollars

  9. I got a Toshiba for 200 euro with WAAAYYYYYY better specs then that
    Huge displays (Idk the resolution)
    500 Gig mechanical harddisk
    Intel Core I5
    Bit heavier then this HP
    4 Gig ram
    Windows 8.1
    Norwegian keyboard
    Nice trackpad
    6 Hours of battery life (doing simple stuff).
    I would much rather buy this then that HP. Even though I am a fan of Hp laptops.

  10. This notebook exterior so filmsy sometimes it just unreliable especially LCD cover. Not to mention hard disk . This hard disk is not shockproof due to limited buffer size and how it is designed . Well then do not expect too much . This is what exactly what you paid fir

  11. Is this the HP stream like are they same thing ?

  12. i bought one of these and the battery got breached when i opened it and if my laptop was charged i would probably not be here '

    10/10 would buy again

  13. HP is a good brand.I have HP 255 G5 for almost two years ,and I am very happy to have one….

  14. Thanks for this video,very useful.

  15. Bruh then glasses look so damn fake

  16. I did what amazon recommended me to do and deleted the bloatware. It didn't really help. It only got worse as time went on amd after a year's use i can say that you're better off finding something else or just saving up

  17. Does it have an IPS screen? My eyes hurt when I read lower quality displays and when they flicker.

  18. Can I use it for gaming ???

  19. I bought asus a442 for $500. It has intel core i5 and Nvidia GT930mx. A pretty good deal i think, although it's not exactly a light laptop.

  20. Does it heat up too much? I have an HP Pavilion and I have to run a table mini fan next to it. I can't use it on my lap cause will burn me. I called HP years ago when I got it but there wasn't a recall for my model. I love HP brand but I want to buy something I can really take everywhere with me without worrying about the heat. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Make it Pavilion
    now lemme buy it

  22. 1:09 I have this laptop and the back of the display already has cracks which keep getting bigger…

  23. Once in college I fucked nine dudes at once and we filmed it on a $200 laptop

  24. I regret getting a $1300 Mac since I only use for word, and Internet. this laptop looks like Mac lol

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