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Acer’s Nitro line-up for 2019 could be a VERY appealing option for any budget gamers who are on the market for a new laptop…

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  1. my acer nitro 5 cant even run csgo

  2. Just ordered the 17.6’ 512 SSD + GTX 1650. But now I have to wait a week for it to come 🙁

  3. So I have the Nitro 5 and I have been having for about 3 or 4 months and now it doesn't even want to charge. For example, I let it sit on the charger for hours idling and sits at 4%. Does anyone have any suggestions? I already tried switching outlets but very hesitant to take it apart

  4. Lol 2:19 he is not playing he is moving his mouse but the screen dose not move why not jist play the game lol

  5. Which would be better for Overwatch?

  6. This thing is great, super worth it, best version you can get is is i5 (7th gen) GTX 1650 for 700 dollars (acer nitro 5 not 7)

  7. $1000 is not budget when we look for budget we look for 2 to $500 not $1000

  8. So I had surgery yesterday and while still high af from morphine I purchased the nitro 5 17.3” model after watching this video …. now that I’m watching it after everything is wore off. I’m proud of my high self I made a good decision after all lol!

  9. I just snagged me a nitro 5 and its so amazzzzinggg! for a budget its for sure an ace in the hole!

  10. but linus is it able to change the gpu and cpu

  11. i like windows 95

  12. can u connect your PlayStation4 controller to your laptop

  13. Wtf I bought with a 1050 goddamit

  14. i have a acer nitro 5 with a 1050 and my dad got it for me as a christmas gift for $800 at BJ's. did we get ripped off if the nitro 7 is that same ammount?

    (Nvidia 1050)

  15. The nitro 5 is on sale for $700 on best buy

  16. If let said it's ok it means its GOOD

  17. Hey Linus I was woundering if this would be a good option for playing Wow, COD, CS Go, I cant really afford the gaming laptop I would dream to have cause I have a family now but I would like to ge back into pc gaming like I did before I had my family.

  18. i5 9300h with rtx 2060 nitro 5 good?

  19. Will this Laptop play these requirements?
    Intel Corei5-6600K/ AMD Ryzen 5 1600

    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB/ AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB

    DirectX: Version 11

    Storage: 1 GB available space

  20. He is saying budget its 1000 $ THATS NOT BUDGET I ONLY GOT 499 $ FOR MY OTHER LAPTOP

  21. Can someone help me how to overclock my acer nitro 5's monitor refresh rate?

  22. ive used many many diff computers and cant tell one keyboard from another.

  23. linus is doing a video on something under 10k dollars? :O

  24. Love that 2004 pc webcam

  25. bought the nitro 5 for $529 no tax at my post PX

  26. I have 1 question that Acer Nitro 5 (processor=ryzen 5) support android studios emulator. If somebody know reply me. I thought to purchase it.

  27. I just bought my mom the the nitro 5

  28. "Something a high schooler might think look super dope"
    I'm not in high school anymore but that still hurt.

  29. Acer laptops are extremely sketchy, one can come out very well, the next will be as if you bought it broken from Waste Management.

  30. I would buy that just because of the crab rave.

  31. I would buy that just because of the crab rave.

  32. Screw the nitro, the Asus fx505 series are better

  33. I have my nitro 5 screen overclocked to 80hz. 1050 4gb model non ti

  34. I have an Acer 5 with GTX 1050ti, but I'm happy currently. I can run A LOT of things. Just…I wish I knew what this odd issue I have is. When gaming, or even if things are on the desktop. There's a background image (ghosting, I guess?) of whatever browser I was using, or window that was open, embedded in the wallpaper (slightly, but it's noticeable) and sometimes when gaming, again, I see the background image, ONLY when things are dark, or if there's grey colors going on. Very odd….Gotta say too, when I initially started up the thing, there were odd issues, that evened itself out after a few updates. Um lets see….I5-8300h GTX 1050TI 256 SSD NItro 5. EDIT: Forgot to mention, the fan sounds like a damned jet engine, a bit irksome but yeah…..also there's really only one game I noticed with there the GPU gets SUPER hot to the touch; Mad Max. The others I've tested get warm, but nothing to be concerned about.

  35. Bruh they like 600$ ?

  36. 6:05 feeling VERY called out here, damn.

  37. But can they play COD Mobile??? ??? I'm gonna find out soon

  38. I bought thiss one

  39. dont get it its shit buy a proper pc ffs

  40. The nitro 5 might have the worst hard drive I’ve ever used in my life

  41. >800$
    Wtf bruh…

  42. I bought the I5 model with the 1650 I love it it's an amazing laptop I use it nearly everyday and it was a great deal on sale for black Friday for about 700

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