This is Apple’s newest iPad. The third generation iPad Air has been upgraded after several years. It now has a bigger display, but it also now sports a P3 wide color gamut for better color accuracy. It’s also a lot brighter now, too! It’s also equipped with Apple’s A12 Bionic processor, so it’s super fast. But should you get this over the 2017 10.5″ iPad Pro?
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  1. Got a used iPad Pro 10.5 for 200 dollars. The Air is still more expensive on the used market because it is newer.

  2. Do you think a 2017 pro is better than the 2019 ipad in 2020?

  3. I currently have the 9.7" Pro with only 32 GB & I need to upgrade it because the storage is insufficient now since it's constantly getting full & it has a separate display when I try to write or draw with my pencil. So I'm debating the 2017 10.5" iPad Pro, the 2019 10.5" Air, & the 2018 11" Pro with 256 GB. Then again next year is the 10 year anniversary of the iPad so Idk if I should wait to see if they bring the newer Pro design to the iPad Air

  4. how was photo editing on ipad pro 2017 as of today?

  5. Im getting the 10.5 pro 512GB gold for only $656
    Edit:12.9 inch pro sim 512gb for less than $650

  6. I don't understand why almost all YouTubers making the same content? making the same reviews and talking about the same things over and over and over again???????????? Please smart people can someone explain me why???? No new information nothing. For example you can say '' Yes lovely people from youtube, last year ipad pro is better for the price, it has 4 speakers it has pro motion display but how long Apple will keep support these old device 2 years, 3 years or maybe 5 years? this is a question? but people before to make a decision and go and buy it first consider this aspect too''. But no you don't talk about these kind of things which i think is more inportant than pro motion display or 4 speakers. Why it is important because in our world people call it investing money and as an investment you have to understand how long this device will serve you. In the end of review every YouTuber wants you to push like button and subscribe but in reality for what? why you want people to push the like button and subscribe? that's because you are giving valuable information to them? Unfortunately no you are not giving valuable information to people and as i said you just talking the same thing like other YouTubers no matter famous YouTuber or not famous YouTuber. for example do you in detail talk about ipadOS, what kind of dongle works to connect external hard drive or SSD drive which hard drive works? which SSD drive works? which doesn't work, does the dongle has to be connected to power outlet or not? if it requires power outlet what if you don't have power outlet? can you instead of using power outlet use the power bank or not? this is the real questions that have to be answered by YouTubers like you. But no nobody bothers himself to do this kind of useful reviews to give people real advice.

  7. A lot of people have been getting a white spot on the screen! Does anyone have this problem? It’s making me scared of getting the iPad Pro 🙁

  8. Just ordered my iPad Pro 10.5 2017, can’t wait! I’ve needed a tablet for so long so I hope this was the right choice…got it for a good price too at £305

  9. When he showed us the 120hz refresh rate, why does the ipad pro look slower?

  10. I just bought this from a friend and I love this thing!!

  11. Just ordered a 512GB Refurbished I hope it’s of good quality so I can keep it

  12. Just got my new ipad pro 10.5 and i rly like it it defenetly worh it the small difference of the performance to get and 120hz display
    From a gamer /youtuber/streamer ,user of an ipad pro.

  13. Any decent alternatives to the version 1 Apple Pencil?

  14. i pad pro 2017 256 GB going for 579 Euros in Germany . Brand new I want it but what about this white spot issue that is holding me back over the new I pad air. Any help on this

  15. Hey does somebody know how long the ipad pro 2017 gets ios updates?

  16. iPad pro 120hz
    iPad air 2019 60hz

  17. Does anyone have any insight on the white spot issue?

  18. Loving my 10.5 IPP , got it in january and no regrets at all.The pro motion and quad speakers are just too good to pass..

  19. I agree with u but i think that the Air is going to have more new Updates than the 2017 iPad Pro…..?

  20. I'm in doubt if I buy the ipad air 256gb or ipad pro 10.5 512gb, both are same price practically.
    Which one to buy?

  21. And the gpu of ipad pro is more powerful

  22. I just ordered my iPad Pro 10.5. I still think it's a fantastic tab and better than the new iPad air. The processor is still more than competent and should still hold out for at least another two to three years.

  23. I don't buy ipad every year…do it's better for me to go with air 3 as it is more future proof with its a12 bionic.

  24. Which of these two iPads is more future proof?

  25. Just got a Refurbished iPad Pro 2017. It was cheaper than the base model of iPad Air 2019 and I think it is the right choice.

    A10X will at least last 3 years. By that time , I'd want to upgrade anyway cause both the iPad Air and Pro look kinda dated already.

    But using 120Hz for 3 years is just a superior experience, especially with the pencil and A10x is a beast in performance.

    In fact, considering the apps we have in 2019, A12 is overkill (which is a good thing but not really practically beneficial anytime soon)

    The camera and quad speakers are side benefits.

  26. Just picked up the iPad pro at my local Meijer store. Wasn't planning on picking one up, but hey, it was down to $499 (brand new) and included a coupon for $100 off on my next shopping trip. So, technically only $399 for my iPad pro. ?

  27. iPad Pro 10.5:
    – Better GPU
    – 120Hz ProMotion
    – 4 GB Memory
    – Better Camera with flash
    – 4 Speakers
    – USB 3.0 for faster charging & data transfer

    iPad Air 10.5
    – Better CPU
    – ….. that is, no more

  28. Everywhere I keep reading people complaining this doesn’t have promotion, quad speakers, 4 gb ram, nice camera, blah blah blah. Guys. The successor for the iPad Pro 10.5 is the iPad Pro 2018 11 inches.
    This is a successor for the 2014 iPad Air 2!! This was not meant to compete in the pro line! This device is meant to give most of the pro features, while cutting on some ones, and still having a decent price. What people need to understand is Apple borrowed iPad Pro 10.5’s design for this model and that’s it. They are different product lines. And still is an amazing device. Yes, the 10.5 pro is much better in many aspects even though it’s a two year old device, and yeah! You can find it cheaper in some places. But in the end is up to you the decision, and it ends up in: getting an outdated PRO model, or a brand new MID range model with just some flagship specs.

  29. Watching on my 2018 iPad pro 12.9?

  30. In Canada, the iPad Pro 2017 refurbished is still $1000 (CAD)….so the Air is better.

  31. The 10.5 Pro has a lot of issues that are not mentioned in this video though. The white spot is pretty wide spread.. I'd stay far away from the 10.5 Pro unless you don't mind having that white spot above the home button, lol

  32. The Ipad air is what the regular ipad refresh should've been in 2019. Yet they add 150 more dollars to the price and call it ipad air, even though it has a bad camera, no pro motion, no support for the new apple pencil. I think a lot of people preffered to see a regular Ipad refresh instead, with A11 chip and laminated screen and it would've sold better. I just bought the Ipad pro from 2018 because the air seemed like rip off. and it's still a rip of that apple makes you buy the pro models by not adding apple pencil support and a lot of other technologies to these regular ipads.

  33. For once I completely agree here… The ipad2018 bends, the 2019 ones are just meh…

  34. Is there any headphone jack in the ipad pro?

  35. I bought the new iPad last year the one that was not laminated to the display and Apple gave me $140 towards it for the new purchase of the ten point five inch iPad pro

  36. Off topic question. What game were you playing on the iPad Pro? Heheh.

  37. Honestly I bought the new iPad Air since I gave my 10.5 inch iPad Pro to my brother in medical school. I don’t notice any difference in speed using it. The speakers are not stereo but they are still loud enough. I don’t take pictures on an iPad so the camera megapixel difference doesn’t apply to me. I’m using it as my main computer for school and it’s been more than great, just like the pro. I love that there is no camera bump on the back. If you are a student that has his or her earphones in all the time the speakers won’t matter, also the camera is still great, just in low light situations you can tell it’s 8 megapixels, but you’re not going to pull out an iPad in the club at night to take pictures. The new iPad Air is truly a great device. Don’t waste your money.

  38. Ended up buying the iPad Pro 64 gig, with Apple Pencil for 400 on eBay!

  39. This all is certainly legit for now, but on a longterm the A12 will definitely last a lot longer and won't degrade so fast when updates come along. The new Air is a much more profitable.

  40. What about the iPad pro 10.5 white spot issue

  41. That keyboard is trash and doesn’t even have function keys. And good luck with the edges of the iPad if you drop that thing.

  42. real question is : how the ipad pro 2017 ages ? i heard that old Ipad Pro really didn't age well but it was before Ios 12. How long do you think you can keep an Ipad Pro 2017 if you buy it today ? Two year ? less ?

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