Title: Buy Second Hand Apple Ipad in BD | Ipad Price in BD | Used Apple iPad In Dhaka 2019

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Shop no: 441-442 : orchard Point : Dhanmondi 07; Dhaka1209
mobile: 01722541770

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Email: mukutkabbo767@gmail.com


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  1. কেনা বোকামি ছাড়া,কিছু না_।

  2. mini i pad e SIM card dhukano jaina vaia

  3. Busun Dara a koro dham

  4. Vai ipad er new video banan

  5. ভাই ipad 2 বা iPad 3 new 8 হাজার থেকে 9 হাজার টাকা ।

  6. Bro ipad nie video aro chai

  7. Vai 6 er 64 gb er exchange e konta pabo

  8. Where can i get 1st hand

  9. I pad 6th gen 40k???
    Seriously bro?

  10. Bhai please help koren ame Chittagong a thacke ame kemna nebo

  11. It’s better to buy a new iPad from other countries or manage someone to get an iPad for you from other countries than buying an used or any other iPad in bd. Because bd are fake. They bring this fake iPad at lower price from China.

  12. Bro i want ipad air 3how price

  13. Vai ipad 6gen er new price only 36k r 2nd hand naki 40k?

  14. Kinte arben ki ? ??
    Kinte parben bola ucit

  15. eigular dam beshi ipad air new ta holo 35k 40k diye second hand na kine new kina valo

  16. I want it right now please I ❤️love it

  17. Bhaia Akhon 2019 April Mashh A Ipad 6th Gen 2018 Price Koto Taka Pls Keo Bolben

  18. Vai WiFi varson iPad AR touch ar price koto

  19. Vai.. Second hand er tulonay daam beshi bole ni..??

  20. iPad pro ki kitni RS hai

  21. I need iPad can you corrier

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