THE NEW Apple Watch Series 2, we got it for $4 on black friday 🙂

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  1. Plot twist: it was the wristband for the watch

  2. For 4 dollars I would have got 10 of them

  3. Djdfhdhdhdedududrurururururururrururududhdhdjfjrurfuurufuffyeeyrrur ehrrurururrururrurru dudururruruuururruruurrurrruurr7firefighter hehrururuyryryrryrryrryrurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrherjrjrrjdjrkrnfhrjtjfjekrkfkjfjcjcjjfngnfjfnfjfjf

  4. I don’t want Apple Watch there not cool have no youtube

  5. What apple watch series 2 in 2019???

  6. Apple watch: is my price a joke here?? i thought i was the expensive smart watch

  7. Apple: how is this possible our watch for 4dollars our aim to rob our customer by making price of our watch nearly around $400 is over now

  8. Who’s ur sugar daddy?

  9. $4 wtf? I would tottaly buy that and i would make a big profit out of it oml

  10. Who else came for these boobies

  11. anyone else clicked because of the thumbnail ?

  12. Feel bad for you Hollow

  13. Omg i go to that best buy

  14. LOL hollow buying his wife $4 apple watches….so lucky bro they're like £400 – £600 depending on what series they are here

  15. Oh hell na $4 dollar u kiddin me then just realize that it’s back Friday in ur vid

  16. Who else when right to the comments ?

  17. Can you send me tahsi watch and you will buy a new öne Pleiades i need that

  18. is it was just 4bucks…..i would buy 50 of these?

  19. How is this possible

  20. Just go to shenzen electronic market for cheap apple watch

  21. That is the best deal for a Apple Watch I ever can believe.

  22. whos from 2018 December Christmas Eve?

  23. After buying it I would feel like I stole something…

  24. I’m sorry but you are rockin with the music! Extremely love this video and hope to have the newest series of Apple Watch ⌚️

  25. "Get a Brand New Apple Watch! (US) United States" Here:

  26. Wa000ooo what a thumbnail ? Bad 1

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