Can you edit 4k video with the 2019 iPad 7th gen? Watch to find out!
Lighting-SD-Card Adaptor:
iPad 10.2:

Link to my wallpaper:
My personal channel:

~Gear I use~
Shotgun Mic:
Mic stand/boom pole:
Lighting Kit:…

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  1. I bought recently an "unofficial" sd card adapter for the ipad, but it takes forever to copy a 4k clip with 4gb to the ipad storage. Is that normal, or it should be much faster if i bought a official card reader? Thanks for the help and for the video.

  2. Short, quick, and to the point.

    Thanks for a great video man.

  3. Bruh i got the iPad 4 still

  4. Do you recommend me to buy ipad 2019 ? I want to edit my videos vlog like you, i ve dji osmo mobile 3 and huawei p30

  5. Obviously the storage is a problem.. would downloading google photos onto the iPad, exporting the video onto the iPad and then deleting it once it’s in your google photos account be an alternative? What about exporting it into the SD card where your footage is from?

  6. What app are you using

  7. Which keyboard and mouse you are using ?

  8. What Apple make with their processors is INSANE

  9. Can you export the done projects and relative footage to an external drive? 128 GB will eventually run out but you may want tome edit old project at some point. It would be great if luma fusion edits could be exported to Final Cut Pro x

  10. Thanks for the video! Just doing my research right now whether to invest a lot in a new laptop or maybe give an ipad a try! I am thinking of switch from editing in premiere pro (which currently just crashes my macbook everytime i start a new project) to luma fusion app on an ipad pro…

  11. Would this iPad be better then a iPad Air 2 for watching Utube and playing Myst?? Thank you!

  12. Which software do u use for edit on Ipad?

  13. I got the iPad 6 A10 chip and it never has let me down…
    It’s super fast ? on iOS 13

  14. It's Apple sorcery, bro. 1:23

  15. What was the black dongle called you plugged into the iPad? Do you have the link for that one? Great video, just bought that iPad!

  16. Wht i should get an iPad though rather than a expensive laptop

  17. First and nice video as always!

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