Clip from Lew Later (Episode – Apple AirPods Pro and Why Tim Cook Isn’t Wearing Them…) –

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  1. Does this mean google assistant is coming to fitbit? If so I'd buy one.

  2. The versa 2 is garbage. Like the other guy said. It’s just a really good sleep tracker.. so is polar and it can be found cheaper than a $200 smart watch that isn’t really much of a fitness tracker or a smart watch per say. Apple would be beat if Google finds a way to have a battery that surpasses at least a 2 day battery life and have better fitness features than apple.. Fitbit is still garbage. I had steps that I never made. Great app but it’s far from an activity tracker.

  3. their already bought for 2.1 billion dollar

  4. The charging dilemma is easily solved. Get into a habit. Easy!

  5. Why would anyone think that Google can do hardware? Even when they are half decent at it (Pixel 3), they still can't make any money from it. Google won't save Fitbit.

  6. I strongly prefer my Galaxy Active Watch 2 because of the look. Can't get over the boxy look of the Apple Watch. My issue with smart watches is availability with third party apps in general. There's just not much out there.

  7. Now When I'm Watching Google Has Acquired FitBit.

  8. if it was microsoft the name would be
    Microsoft Fitnes Surface fitbit v3

  9. Actually I believe Apple Watch is the number one selling watch period. That is against smartwatches and normal watches. Meanwhile RIP FitBit. I liked my Surge until it fell apart

  10. I'm wearing my moto 360 right now ???? I still love it and works very well. After changing the battery on it.

  11. After fibit bought pebble they became much better.

  12. Is Lew saying Google is far behind Apple in wearable?

  13. Fitbit devices have been shown to be grossly inaccurate in terms of steps, calories etc even in lab conditions. Why people put absolute faith in them is beyond me.

  14. Oh the other big boys have so much to catch up ! Apple Watch is so much advanced in features! I can’t wait to get mine in Titanium with the link bracelet!

  15. I hope this doesn’t happen

  16. I hope they come up with their own new name for their watch. Fitbit is lame

  17. If it's gonna go further FitBit is so screwed.

  18. Try some mechanical watch instead. It's much more fun.

  19. Actually i feel that report is super biased and is not even accurate. You have a lot of android watches that are successful fitbit isnt even the top fitness smart watch at all the top fitness smart watches are Garmin ,suntos and corus. Fitbit isnt even used by serious fitness smart watch users. Gear watches are in version 4 fossil micheal korrs are also at version 4 so to say apple is doing 30 percent of the market is ludicrous lol . The only people wearing apple watches are iphone users and obviously they are the not lion share of the market at all.

  20. It’s easy to understand why Apple is selling more wearables, it’s because they always have an iconic/timeless design and they use quality materials in their products. Google/Android isn’t fashionable and thus not desirable to wear…

  21. Why didn’t I know this channel existed??

  22. Weirdly enough, i bought shares of FitBit stock a day before news about the Google offer came out. 🙂

  23. The Huawei GT 2 smartwatch, in terms of battery life, is incredible. That said, it needs work in terms of actually syncing with the phone. I have a P30 Pro and it was rarely synced with my phone. When it was synced it was awesome. I haven't worn it in a while. I'll give it another shot. There could be an update.

  24. I’m getting a galaxy watch now

  25. Get your free stock here you could get Fitbit I did.

  26. I wonder what type of phone Lew and Willy use as their daily driver

  27. They want MORE of your data. Knowing your browsing history, spending habits, and location isn't enough — now Google will know your heart and respiratory rates each time you walk by an ad or display… don't buy Google devices

  28. I think that amazon should have bought Fitbit if anything. They already have alexa on the versa 2 . They can make an echo watch wearable that will make sense instead of a ring or glasses. They can price it aggressively and take the mid range to lower end user base.

  29. I’m excited about google buying Fitbit. I assume google will take the pixel approach… keep it around $199 and chase the Apple Watch 3 market. I’m an Apple fan and want more competition in the market… prices come down, features expand… competition makes better products… Come on Google, make Apple step it up!!

  30. Android OS chrome Pixel Nest Fitbit ecosystem in one place Control Google devices plus your thermostat and fitness stuff They will kill apple If they put everything together Google going more control They know that they need to work hard and moving forward with technology What they need hardware stuff ok bye

  31. One big reason smart watches don't sell well in the Android world is because of Samsung. Tizen and wearOS compete against each other.

  32. Apple Watch all the way ✅

  33. Name of product suppose to be

  34. Xiaomi Mi Watch will

  35. Get an LTE verison and maybe I'll buy one in the future.

  36. Fitbit software integration has always been lacking so a Google fitbit sounds awesome!

  37. Watch Mi Smart watch who ditched Apple Smart Watch…

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