Can the new 6th Gen iPad 9.7 edit iPhone X 4K video in iMovie? Here we compare it to the 2016 iPad Pro 9.7.
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2018 iPad Unboxing:

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BEST affordable lens:…

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  1. Hmmm I wonder if the iPad handles ProRes files? I suspect no even tho my 2015 MacBook Pro does hmmm

  2. Storage 32gb can editing like this?

  3. have you tried using luma fusion? how was it?

  4. This video almost answers my question…but a luma fussion comparison would be dead on. Thanks for this much info at least.

  5. is it 4k 60fps at 100mbs

  6. the 6th generation Ipad (Ipad 2018) is more powerful than the 1st generation Ipad Pro. Any app is gonna run faster. As simple as that.

  7. 4K editing works on the iPad 6th generation. Exporting them is also fast on there as well. Of course the new iPad Pros are a little faster at doing those. It's got the A12X chip in there.

  8. why is the subtitle in english are weeird

  9. The iPad 2018 can do more than just basic editing. I use heavy footage (4k) in lumafusion and it does surprisingly well. I've done 10 bit from the gh5 and regular 8 bit. It's a gem to say the least

  10. I was surprised at your surprise at how the iPad 2018 can edit 4K footage. My iPhone SE can edit 4K footage. My surprise is rather at how the iPad 2016 doesn't shoot 4K footage itself.

  11. So at the end, what are the better choice? What should i buy? The new ipad 2018 or the old pro 9.7. both cost nearly the same. Please help 🙂

  12. LumaFusion is the best solution right now if you want to edit 4K videos, even 10bit ones:

  13. Bro which tab is better for development iPad 2018 or Lenovo tab 4 10 plus

  14. ipad pro 9.7 still looks really good

  15. Only problem with the newer iPad is the display and if you are doing any kind of video editing you want true color and the newer iPad can’t do it like the Pro

  16. I am starting a makeup channel and I don't have any cameras to start with plus my late iphone has disappeared into oblivion. so if I were to record my tutorials with this ipad,would you recommend it? thanks.

  17. i am switching everything

  18. Ipad 6th or Ipad Pro 9.7 ??? But ipad pro 9.7 just only second? Dont have new in apple store?

  19. You sound like Walter white Jr. from the series Breaking Bad.

  20. The video starts at 0:48 for those who just want the meat and potatoes.

  21. how about gaming performance between these? I've heard that the pro has better gpu performance but the 2018 has better cpu performance

  22. Just got an iPad Pro 9.7 these speakers are lit

  23. for editing photo with lighroom?

  24. iPad Pro 9.7 still better

  25. So Just So I understand. I can import 4k 60 fps and do some LIGHT editing….and It would be fine? rendering wouldn't be noticeable on the 2018 iPad?

  26. Watching It on my iPad Pro 9.7 🙂

  27. Watching on my iPad 2018! Haha..

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