Apple keeps pushing its high-powered tablet as a laptop replacement, and the newly upgraded version is the hottest contender yet. WSJ’s David Pierce puts the redesigned 11-inch iPad Pro through a series of tests to see if it’s up to the job. Photo: James Pace-Cornsilk for The Wall Street Journal

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  1. I guess its for user who usually use visual to communicate

  2. It’s cannot replace desktop because the apps are tablet or mobile . They are not more useful than desktop application.

  3. Is that full photoshop version out yet?

  4. I don’t need fortnite, I just want a huge screen!

  5. James can you update this review?

  6. The controller connects with Bluetooth

  7. IT、 is greath pads ttps://
    for future reference, definition | English dictionary for learners …

  8. I have the iPad 6th gen that i use the ZAGG – Rugged Book Keyboard Folio case and Apple Pencil. I use my ipad for everything work and for fun. I purchased the SanDisk – iXpand 64GB USB 3.0/Lightning Flash Drive to upload files. I can honestly say i love my ipad and would recommend it to anyone. I carry it everywhere with me in my backpack and it being so light makes it very portable.

  9. This was never supposed replace a laptop the use of it comes in middle of a smartphone and laptop where you can't use laptop everywhere and you can't actually work on phone and laptop either iPad gives you a additional convienice to work anywhere read anywhere make notes and read them anywhere while traveling in class and it's compact and doesn't feels odd bulky and big

  10. iPadOS has joined the chat

  11. So far the most informative vid that I've seen based on my needs

  12. nope its not even remotely close to a Computure we can't play 2 videos at once and 2 videos at once can't be played when your watching a movie in tv app still has a long way to go

  13. Interesting point… "It's like the iPad Pro can do everything, but Apple won't let it." I had always wondered why Apple hasn't created something to make the phone more versatile using something similar to the Samsung DeX, where it turns your phone into a computer. Finally came to the conclusion, they don't want it to be. To keep the ecosystem running, Apple wants the different devices, where if you need a computer, you buy the iMac or MacBook, a phone, you get an iPhone, or a tablet, the iPad. I think your point is absolutely correct, they "won't let it," because it isn't in there best interest to do so. If it is as powerful as you say, it'd wipe out the MacBook Air and low end/spec. MacBook Pro. Why would they do that?

  14. @wsj if you haven’t already, you should create an update to this video as a significant portion of his concerns were addressed with iPadOS 13. Thumb drives, full page web browsing, google docs in safari, web browsing tabs and more. I’d love to see the reporters take on it today vs then.

  15. Just wait for him to notice that iOS 13 fixes some problem

  16. Do this if you’re watching this on Christmas


  17. The best thing is tablet battery run longer than any laptop.

  18. Owned the ipad for a while. Can edit footage and photos, write articles, build websites, play games, draw, filing system, iPadOS

    Really dont get when people say “this cant replace your laptop” when it can is most ways?

  19. It’s a computer. An iPhone is a computer. A desktop is a computer. A laptop is a computer. And an iPad is most certainly a conputer. Stop saying “tHiS iSnT a cOmPuTeR” A smaller form factor doesn’t make it cease to be a computer. Not to mention that “what’s a computer” ad was pretentious and cringeworthy, and was in no way cool.

  20. Give me an iPad Mini any day, that’s a tablet that’s actually usable. There’s nothing more ridiculous than 2 handing an 11” tablet like it’s a big phone – let alone the 13” tray.

    I’ll listen when the make an iPad Pro in the Mini’s size, gimme that 9” pro display

  21. I wanna code on iPad. Can I do that ?

  22. After getting my MacBook Air, my iPad Pro 9.7, even with the pencil, feels extremely clumsy to use. Besides using it as an external display and sometimes drawing, I find nothing about the ipad that is better than my macbook besides portability

  23. I dont care about fortnite, i just care about the huge screen.

  24. I only watch YT Netflix and some basis internet stuff and mabye some writhing so this is a better option of me than a Mac

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