I had my friend Marius come over with his Surface Pro 3 to show me how it works with Autodesk Revit. He had a couple of fairly detailed and complex projects to show me and the Surface Pro 3 performed very well.

I’m not suggesting that the Surface Pro 3 is a high end CAD station, but for someone who wants to be very mobile it is ideal. The fact that it can run Revit this well is a very decent bonus!

Please excuse the audio on the first part of this video. I recorded it with the Surface Pro…

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  1. Would 8gb RAM be sufficient on a Surface to Run Revit Properly ?

  2. Thank you for your review, this is a new way of working with CAO and CAD software, there are not so many reviews on using 3D modeling with Microsoft Surface. I am saving money to buy a Surface Studio, and i saw that you just recieved the new Surface Studio 2, i bet you purcharged the 2To with GTX 1080.. if you have time to test Revit and Archicad on it, it would really help as i am seriously planning to work with a pen and my hands on a touch screen for modeling and sketching. (Using a pen for sketching is to me the basic of creating architecture)

  3. At 0:45 you mention you are hooked up to your 4K screen… I was under the impression (since my purchase in Nov 2014) that the sp3 did not have the ability to drive a 4K monitor. Or rather, this was not one of the options to choose for a display output. It was a capability that Intel chose to not enable, or something like that. Is this no longer true? Can I update my machine to drive a 4K screen?

  4. Is this a good option for students who are learning Revit? I would like to use this as my primary device. I work with my professors in class on projects, and then go home and finish them up. The portability of this device and light weight is highly appealing. Thanks for this review!

  5. So this works well on Pro 4 i5 4GB ram ?

  6. what about rendering performance? thanks for review!

  7. Just wondering about the processing power in photoshop, multi layered images large in size 300 dpi file sizes up to 1 gb, any idea on performance there?

  8. totally love ur reviews. i m about to get a surface pro 4 i7 cpu. Do u think it can handle the solidworks 2015?

  9. Hi! Can I run autocad on Surface 3, 4gb of ram with Intel® Quad Core Atom processor..?

  10. I'm glad that someone has a review of using Revit on the Surface Pro. I'm thinking of getting the Pro 4 with the i7 16GB RAM. I do electrical design, so I don't really need to 3D render things. I don't even use 3D views often, mostly sectional views or plan views.
    I'm curious to see how efficient this runs when mostly working on plan views while connected to 2-3 monitors.

    Background, I'm looking into this because I go to meetings and also visit building sites where it would be nice to draw on pdf's of existing conditions of the building. This would also be my home computer, I wouldn't need it at work in the office. My work computer is a powerhouse.

  11. you guys know how are the performance of revit and Autocad (for heavy usage) on surface pro i7 model?
    I really appreciate if someone answers me if it worth it?

  12. I need help aswell…Im using a surface pro 4 i7 16 gb ram….but for some reason revit is not working properly. Is there anything I can do to fix the problem…it states that the graphics card hasn't been tested. could this be the problem?

  13. Can I run autocad on my surface pro 4 I5/4gb RAM?

  14. Help me please, can i run autocad on the surface pro 4 i5/8gb RAM? for 3D job.

  15. Hey,man. It will be cool if you can tell me if the surface pro 3 gets really hot when running CAD program. I would need it to run PTC Creo. And does the fan make noise?

  16. I wouldnt say the lumia phone audio is better per say, the SP mic driver wise is setup to make your voice louder than everything else due to loudness equalization which makes that slight hiss in the background, but your voice is much louder and clearer, you should be able to adjust that actually in the settings (i think).

  17. But for the same price as surface pro 3 ,
    a desktop will run the same file like butter.

  18. Does the pencil work with AudoCAD or just with a mouse?

  19. Yeah, but this is just an architectural model with no FF&E families. And no MEP revit models or CAD files linked into it.

    This is very limited to probably SD for small to small- medium projects. With the designer bring careful about what is built.

    Who knows what the specs of the 4 will be though.

  20. Is this version 2015 or 2016?
    If it's 2015, I'd be keen to see a follow up video with 2016 as it has some significant improvements in the graphics regeneration.
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. That is amazing. I'm an architect and we use both AutoCAD & Revit on HP workstations and this certainly would be a great portable device. When the Pro 4 comes out, I'll be buying one.

  22. Help me.please …the model with the i3 can run autocad?

  23. Should i wait for the surface Pro 4 or not? (to run AutoCAD)
    Or it already good with the surface Pro 3? For my 1 years in egignering study

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