Can YOU solve these IMPOSSIBLE emoji riddles? (99% FAIL)
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Today we’ll be watching 7 Second Riddles that are not for kids! These 7 Second Riddles will test your brain to see how clever you are! The riddles will have some hard and easy questions – Watch until the end and see how YOU do!

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  1. Red bull gives you wings

  2. It’s was Portugal, 5:06

  3. I think its a Portugal

  4. I got evry and of find out emoji

  5. Neuman is the answer

  6. Copying ssundee I see

  7. “Red Bull Red Bull oh guys I got it monster”

  8. I like the pizza company Mr Pizza

  9. Ali=99% wrong

    Me=99% right

  10. 4:42 I live there and I’m surprised he knows that country

  11. The thumbnail and title 99 percent fail.

  12. Bro I live in Qatar

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