Over 150,000 people are expected to attend the world’s largest annual tech show in Las Vegas. CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, showcases the latest business technology and new consumer electronics. CNET senior managing editor Dan Ackerman joined CBSN from Las Vegas with some highlights.

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  1. Worthless do not bother. Just hyping mega screens and nothing of substance

  2. All TV's are missing is screen shot like how your phone can screen shot.

    Meaning if you see a commercial on your smart TV that you need the order number or commercial number… You can press screen shot on the remote control and screen shot it. None of the future TV'S have simple screen shot like a phone. ?

    Just a penny thought!

  3. Intelligent evil there’s your technology

  4. Only $60, 000 huh? I am sure everyone can afford that.

  5. I hope all of you realize that all of these new devices cam Chuck nut full a spyware that will transmit your data back to the Mothership to be sold abroad. So not only are you stupid enough to pay obscene amounts of money for devices that are made by slaves, but you're then going to allow Silicon Valley to make even more money off of every keystroke you do.

  6. Who's wondering where is loptops

  7. i think of tech when i see this……………..a shame they didn't really show any.

  8. Sony will in CES 2020

  9. I'm upgrading my trailer to a double-wide this year!!!

  10. Zapraszam do mnie na sałatkę??????????

  11. I bet you 900 billion dollars i don't have enough money to buy any of those.


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