Brittany Yunker built this tiny house herself when she was 26 years old. She lived in it for two years and now has it available as a vacation rental in Olympia, Washington.

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In this tour, Brittany gives detailed explanations as to why she built the “Bayside Bungalow,” as well as a few things she would have done different. Great tips for future tiny house owners and builders!

The Bayside Bungalow is an…

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  1. J ai des doutes sur la véracité de ces expériences …

  2. Great video
    I noticed a lot of wasted space

  3. This was the first tiny house that I ever saw and I fell totally in love. I've seen thousands since then but still put this one in the favorites list.

  4. I love the closet. The ladder should be an attic style ladder. Makes it convenient to tuck under the loft, in between the slats And folds out when needed. Its a cute layout. Toilet should have been placed along the back side of the wall.

  5. I love the light it has! Not dark but beautiful!! Good job!

  6. I love your house!

  7. I don't like the burlap fabric in the kitchen. Would look a lot better with a heavy-duty sunbrella or canvas type fabric with a nice print bringing out the colors in that sink.

  8. Sometimes I think it's fake, the houses are so clean and neat… Strange to me…

  9. I wanna start my tiny house build soooo baaaad ? I have the plans and materials list and I’ve yet to get the floor plans but the only thing that’s stopping me from achieving my dreams is no moneyyyyyy

  10. Maybe we should have female babies!

  11. So many talented tiny house builders here in Olympia WA! Another great designer/builder here in Oly is Zyl Vardos, check his work out if you want to see fairy tale tiny homes:)

  12. Lovely house. But how often is that roof washed???

  13. I think this is my favorite tiny house that I've seen so far.

  14. I see that the most embarrassing problem is the toilets ….Where to put them and the rest…. on many videos showing tiny houses. In spite of this , they are all nice and comfortable like this one. The lack of space under the roof …. well , not for me but the nature all around is magnificent. First thing to do when you want to live in a tiny house. You need to find and buy a beautiful land …. This one is very beautiful.

  15. We can't get in India ??

  16. The rental rates are insane. $125 a night?!

  17. Lol why do all earthy crunchy women have exactly the same voice?

  18. Not a galley kitchen. Maybe half a Galley kitchen lol

  19. The best is the kitchen sink. Beautiful. Nice cosy home..xx

  20. Oh my god that sink!!!! I love it so much

  21. Cute cozy looking tiny house. Love the colorful kitchen sink.

  22. a toaster oven would be useful.

  23. What makes this house really nice is the little details, the beautiful sink, the mug holder, the boat feel. It's really, really pretty.

  24. Love watching these! It has inspired me to downsize by a lot! Hopefully I will end up in a tiny house like one of these

  25. what size (length x wide) is the house actually??

  26. i love the kitchen sink, i first saw those in Sausilito many years ago, there was a showroom there amongst the shops. i fell in love and have since seen them other places, in the south west, in mexican restaurants etc. ?

  27. I absolutely love that beautiful sink.

  28. Love to stay at this B&B so cute and that kitchen sink so pretty. Love the exterior

  29. not that cold in the PNW in winter? hahahaha this tiny is super cute though!

  30. Overall, is moving into a tiny house cheaper and easier then getting a normal house?

  31. I have a question how do u wash cloths in tiny houses

  32. Spice racks in bathroom would be good storage for toiletries. The hanging type. No sink in bathroom ❓❓

  33. I'm always wondering how much it costs you to build a tiny house.. and if you need plenty of experienced people to install everything and make it work out. Would be cool if you could mention this is well =)

  34. I would like to know where to get the smal window that is up in the loft.

  35. Its really much do we need to build this tiny home?

  36. I love it ???❤️❤️

  37. Wow complet tny house comfort and very prectical

  38. One thing that I fail to understand about many of these tiny homes is the need for doors with large panes of glass.  People break into tiny homes just like they break into regular homes, and glass doors are perfect for that.

  39. Love it! Really nice place!!!

  40. Love all the stuff

  41. I love the charm of this place, also the light that is coming in as you talk, due to the skylights! Such a cozy spot. I'd love to stay here ❤️
    That kitchen sink!!!

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