Cheap Lightning Digital AV HDMI Cable for iPhone /iPads
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With this HDMI cable you can connect your iPhone or iPad to any HDMI TV and you will be able to screen mirror in FULL HD.

This works exactly like the Apple Lightning Digital AV Cable but this cable I’m reviewing cost less than half the price.

Check out the full video, I have included a demonstration on my iPad Air and iPhone.


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  1. Hi! Can you see the iPhone on the ipad screen? I have an app that does not work on ipad and I need to be able to see it on the ipad with the iPhone will the hdmi cable work?

  2. Apple has proprietary tech built into their adaptor that cannot be easily copied. Consequently, while their adaptor allows you to stream protected content like Netflix and Prime Video, adaptors like this one will not. Be aware of the disclaimers when you are shopping for an alternative to Apple’s more expensive adaptor.

  3. Can u use an Android with it

  4. Can you use it on iPhone 10 max

  5. Can I plug in the hdmi to a raspberry pi and lightning to an iPad and use the iPad as a monitor?

  6. So. NO Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, or others. Good to know!

  7. Does it not support iOS 12 ?
    Cuz mine isn’t working

  8. Brilliantly not. Dropping frames is also what mine does. Can't watch movies like that. I'm returning mine.

  9. What should I do if I accidentally clicked go don’t trust button

  10. But will it do Netflix……….nope…… The Apple adapter will do that…

  11. Can u FaceTime on it?

  12. That is the reason also why it is cheaper. Since you plug it thru the USB, you do bot get FULL HD or any higher resolution as the USB connection has lower resolution…i am not sure wether it is limited to max 640×480 or 720, you are bot going to get FULL HD resolution. We just bought the original adapter and there is connection to your lighting outlet on your ios device directly to the HDMI outlet where you plug the HDMI cable so the signal should go uninterrupted in resolution your ios device is sending out. Of course, if your TV is not FULL HD or more, , if it is just HD ready or even less, it does not matter what cable you use for streaming. I think USB does not pass more than HD resolution.

  13. Will this work for iPhone 6s Plus?

  14. I just brought a Lighting Digital AV HDMI adapter from a big box store. Thanks from Illinois for the tutorial. It works great!

  15. Does look like a hacking mini computer, Why would you need a USB to power up that HDMI

  16. Does it work for iOS 12?

  17. Is it possible to watch iTunes movies in the TV app on the television itself through the HDMI adapter?

  18. I can’t seem to charge my iPad when using this device am I doing something wrong or can I use a splitter

  19. Can I connect ipad 9.7 direct to wall power point without charging & does the iPad get very hot if TV watched for hours?

  20. Beware of adapters that have their own UI between your iOS device and the secondary screen: the larger part of the adapter (on the hdmi end) may actually be a tiny little computer, capable of logging your actions and sending that data to some shady mofo.

  21. Does it send audio through to tv or do u need another cable for aound? Cheers Mate

  22. Do you know if the sound quality is as high as it would come out of the earphone?
    The reason why I'm asking is because instead of using a cd player in my car, I could used my Iphone directly to my car amplifier with some HDMI to RCA Adaptor.

  23. Not HDCP complient wo't play Premium apps like Netflix, Amazon video etc.

  24. Many thanks just ordered one

  25. why not full screen

  26. Big thumbs up dude. Exactly what I was looking for. Perfect demo. Got one from a local phone repair shop. Works smoothly. IPhone to hdmi tv cheap option SORTED. THANK YOU.

  27. Yep it’s good but now it’s not working with iOS 11 so lightning av adapter is better for now

  28. does it still work?

  29. I have a lg tv which runs on web os will this cable connect my iphone to it?

  30. Do u suggest an adapter with lower latency? Im going to play games (1080p) 60fps with it and apple adapter is quite expensive

  31. I bought a similar cable and it was great but unfortunately the HDMI part that went into the TV overheated after around 20-30 minutes then turn off or lag really badly.

  32. A great review. I actually get it!

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