Google Cardboard VR headset showdown 2017 : Round 1
Headsets are considered “wearable” so returns can be a hassle and sometimes not an option if you just don’t like the fit. Watch this video and don’t waste your money.

This is not a comprehensive review. It’s really just a chat with my niece on what headsets fit well and are priced well.

To see for yourself, download the youtube app and watch a 360 video or any video in theatre mode with Google Cardboard.

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  1. You should do reviews on all the headsets

  2. Important question… so I got a cynocular headset which came with a remote which is pretty much useless. But the fov is really clear and it’s gets the full pic no clipping.
    Only real downside is it’s cartridge based and that gets annoying when I’m watching a 2-3 3d sbs clip on YouTube.

    After a while I got a Homido V2 and it was horrible mad clipping out most of the picture, and no matter how much I adjust the lens it was still clipped and blurred.

    So my question is I wanna know a good VR set that has great fov as well IPD that I can take with me if I’m traveling?

  3. Thanks for the info

  4. I like them they have good costs

  5. Is the dog dead? Lol

  6. Great video! Would like to know your over all favorite for you and your daughter. I'm concerned about the effects on my childrens eyes (8 and 13 yr olds). Thoughts?

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