Melissa checks out Dell’s Inspiron 7000 series of 2-in-1 laptops designed to be it’s premium consumer line. This line includes 13/15/17 inch versions – each with their own features and design.

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  1. any change on the hinge integrity? I have the previous generation and the screen constantly jiggles for the slightest movements.

  2. Is this laptop okay for interior designers to use??

  3. I like the way she describe

  4. I picked up one of the 13" Inspirons and it has been thoroughly disappointing. I had to return the first one for being defective and the replacement that I was given is also faulty. I've wasted so much time with Dell Support, yet I'm no closer to having a usable computer.

  5. Can someone please tell me is DELL anything but ( Apple) labtops & home PC
    can DELL install nexus Mod manager for consoles like ps4 & Xbox 1 someone help me out looking for a new NOT apple ? labtops for my on console gaming needs ?✋ ? which brand comes out on top nexus Mods for ??⚡

  6. When dell bringing 12inch 2in1, 12inch 7000,5000,3000 to the lineup in the same colors that what I needs I have all the laptops in the inspiron line

  7. Is it best for gaming? ? Anyone tell

  8. does a finger print reader mean you never need to remember passwords?

  9. I love that black 13” it’s a absolute buy!

  10. Wait, they said 15 7000 is 15 inches, but my 15 7000 is 15.6 inches. what's the difference? they just don't say the .6 ? is that because my one doesn't have touch screen??

  11. Something gets me about this dell even though asus got more port and type c at cheaper price i still like dell design more and brand somehow

  12. Is it supported nvme ssd

  13. So which is the best?

  14. Recently purchased a 7580. My only complaint so far is how sharp the edges are where your forearms rest. I've owned many laptops and have never had a laptop so uncomfortable to simply use. If you use it on your couch, your forearms and palm is gonna be irritated AF within an hour of use. I hate that aspect of the machine. Otherwise, it seems great. The fans do kick on if you're doing anything where the CPU "boosts" up from its idle 1.8ghz to high 3's. Unlike this video, the 7580 does have a 1gbps ethernet port (as well as 1 USB-C (3.1 gen1), 3 other USB 3.1 ports, and HDMI 2.0 (for 4k @ 60hz).

  15. Are you sure that is Inspiron? It looks likes my 2018 xps 2in1

  16. This laptops battery is a piece of complete shit. I can’t ever get an hour of life without it telling me it’s at 19%

  17. Is the dell inspiron 7000 laptop series come in aluminum body at all ?

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