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VCOM Company magical children headphones, it will quicken the brain information interchange, strengthen the thinking ability and memory, quicken the response capability and enhance the language skills when the kids listening music. And also the music can help to fully develop kids’s right…

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  1. "Children Headphones"
    Great advertisement for a teenage – mid 20's age group.. and plus, your video is just a windows movie editor collage of ADULTS wearing your silly little headphones.

    "Curing some diseases such as autistic, dyslexic, even headache"
    Autism? Cannot be cured by headphones.
    Dyslexia? It won't be cured by hearing things, you would need to practice writing. Not just listening to how you do it.
    And headache.. Come on. Disease? More like mild annoyance that can be cured by some ibuprofen.

  2. how  can I  get  this  pls  ?

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