Need help selecting the ideal laptop for game development? Hopefully this guide will help. We look at the requirements for various different game development tasks such as pixel art, 3D graphics, VR development and more. The later half of the video is a number of recommendations at different price points from various manufacturers.

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  1. Link:

    Recommendations begin at the 11:00 mark if you just want device recommendations from various manufacturers.

    All Amazon links contain an affiliate link that helps GFS if you use them to purchase your laptop.

  2. hey,what do you think of the eluktronics mech 15 i7 9750h + 1660ti + 512gb ssd + 1tb 7200rpm + 16gb 2666mhz (dual)

  3. I'm looking for a laptop for school, and I have a beefy gaming desktop at home (GTX1080, R7 1800X, 16GB RAM, 1TB HARD DRIVE + 512GB SSD), do you think a 1050, i5-9300H, 512GB SSD is good enough?

  4. Well I wanna by a decent laptop to start using unity(beginner/never did it) so I want to start learning the basics of unity, can anyone recommend me a laptop (not to expensive) thanks

  5. i have a 2015 macbook pro, is that ok??

  6. I'm looking to start investing myself in coding/programming in general and want to make a career out of it. However I'm also wanting the laptop to be usable to play video games as well for my free time. Honestly my budget range would Cap at $1500 but if the laptop is worth it would bump it up to $2000 Help?

  7. acer nitro 5 is good for game development using unity?

  8. What about the Asus Zenbook?

  9. My wife bought me a 2019 HP Envy Laptop
    Is this a good starting game developing laptop? Planning to start with Unity.
    Intel Core i7
    512 GB Intel SSD + 32 GB Intel
    Windows 10
    NVIDIA GeForce Graphics

  10. I ask this question every year and I come to you every year

  11. hello, how about asus rog zephyrus ga502 / gu502 ?
    it's very slim, and robust, but is gtx 1660 maxq gonna be enough?

  12. Thank you so much for this. My PC's having issues so this is a great starting point.

  13. Hey, I know I’m late but do you have a suggestion for a good developing laptop for a cheaper that can run unity 3D well? I’m getting a development laptop for Christmas but these ones are a bit more expensive than I can afford

  14. I am planning on doing a van build and I need to sell my PC to get a laptop so this video was very helpful!

  15. Good info. My daughter is a sophomore CS major with a focus on game development. She has an OLD Dell laptop that is 6 years old and is NOT keeping up for what she needs.

  16. we do understand stuff, if we make games we know what we need, now please, so where is fucking laptops…

  17. You can spec a HP omen with a rtx2060 and 4k for like $1500, I'd say that qualifies as a pretty good deal

  18. Started looking into this for uni next year, but I don't think I need this sort of laptop. I'm doing games design, not gaming. A surface pro 7 might be my best bet, same sort of price but pen input could be good for modeling. Or Dell 2in1 with MX250 and again pen input. Sacrificing a little bit of power might be worth it as a lot of design software relays on the processor not the gpu (like zbrush).

  19. I'm super shocked the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo didn't make this list.

  20. Get a good quality screen. AT LEAST 1080p native resolution….unless ur laptop has some kind of special design or is super small or something in which case the meme worthy 900p might be fine. 4k is definitely going to be a huge boon if its large enough for u to makeout the difference and u have good eyes. Nobody should be thinking they are only going to use an external monitor with their laptop….u won't and u shouldn't. With ur laptop its really important u buy something light (u won't be able to have it on ur lap otherwise trust me), something easy to type on, something that doesnt' have RIDGES that dig into ur arms/hands (ur not supposed to rest ur hands on it but u will). If its light enough u can do that weird lie down and use it on ur knees position for ergonomics. chic style laptops are nice to type on imo. having a numpad isn't a benefit…its actually a bad thing due to spacing and even on an actual keybaord u should look for skinny keyboards…my keyboard is as long as my arm leading ot my elbow…its fucking longgg…and thats not good cause the distance to the mouse is shit. Laptops aren't going to screw u when it comes to the cpu…they are all going to be i7's….and i9's are just i7's really lol. u basically just want at least 4 cores….just cause it says i7 doesn't mean its good. there are 50 dollar single core i7's…and these are many times slower than many i3's and i5's. SO if someone says I GOT AN i7/i9! That really means nothing on its own…u wanna know how many fucking cores and how fast it is; more cores = more threads=more proccesses at once….and yes u need alot; speed = speed, atx machines (the big bois) will have 6 or 8 cores as the norm…the super users have 16 and shit tho. The main hardware consideration is ram really. I don't think laptops will go above 16gb tho…16 gb is probably enough for most people tho. Many laptops dont' allow u to upgrade components. other considerations are noise level and odour….hopefully u won't don't have that problem tho, its hard to identify and defend against such problems on laptops or desktop pc….unless u have the ability to replace every fucking component, which u won't if its ur first build or a laptop. I'd say look for a nice soundcard so u dont have to buy external….but its impossible to know even if the stats are higher than others, to know if its going to be any good so don't pay extra expecting it to sound good, even if it is a known great brand its likely an M or laptop version thats not as good. U should pay for the backlit keyboard….they are really nice to have, u arent suupposed to look at the keys when u type…so idiots say that any lights are a joke and show u are bad at typing…thats a lie, they are shunning a reallly reallly nice and useful addition, its their loss don't make it urs as well. And buy something with an external dvi/vga/hdmi or whatever kinda port u need for ur external monitor. Harddrive space doesn't matter, 250gb or more is fine. Ssd are nice, but they dont improve performance like u might assume, just load times….ram improves performance. i wouldn't bother taking the stickers off the laptop. i've had a huge fucking sticker on mine for 5 years now….its ugly but if u take em off u have resin all over that never really comes off unless u take the finish off with it. Have alot of ports…especially usb 3.0's…u can never have enough usb 3.0's. i have 2 and a 2.0….and thats not enough lol, keybaord takes 1 mouse takes 1….external hard drive is taking 1 atm, otherwise it goes to my mic or anything else….if i used an external dac i'd have to buy an adapter.

    main advantages of a laptop are:
    -u get a screen included in the cost (it's easy to get dual screens, u only need 1 external monitor)
    -its a free keyboard and mouse
    -its mobile…u dont have to work at the same fucking desk all the time….even if ur just working at home all the time being mobile is a BIG PLUS. Sitting at one fucking desk all day in 1 fucking room is painful.
    -everything can fit nicely on ur desk and u don't have to buy a fucking port hub. with atx systems ur wires aren't even long enough to make it from the ports to ur desk even if the system is on ur desk….which is unlikely cause of how fuckign heavy this thing is.

    u need to buy alot of accessories and extensions and shit for atx systems….they aren't cheaper than laptops especially when u factor in noise and odour considerations you'll have to buy more expensive premium components to avoid noise and odour on atx systems. It's expensive….literally each fucking thing after u build it, is gonna be another 100 dollars EACH.

  21. Love the Brady Bunch background image.

  22. The Bugatti though that one anyway was the most expensive brand new car ever sold

  23. The Bugatti though that one anyway was the most expensive brand new car ever sold

  24. Thank you. I can never find a simple video just talking about what laptops are good for game development. Most of the videos are just people talking about what £9000 laptops they used and the other videos just show stuff about graphic design and photoshop. Thanks again

  25. I use surface Pro 6 really great laptop for unity ue4 and also the touch functionality is great for digital art for sprites etc

  26. Basically, I recommend Studio Laptop than Gaming Laptop.

    But Gaming could be enough, but it's little bit bad experience.
    Maybe it's for test debug.


    SSD, SSD, SSD, SSD, SSD!!!!

  27. Hi what du you think about ASUS ZENBOOK PRO DUO UX581GV

  28. No laptop is even half as good as a desktop setup. U need screen resolution… workspace. Dual monitor the best.

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