Shock, surprised, excited

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  1. lol watching this on the new laptop i got for christmas

  2. I,d hate to brag but now got imac for christmas!!!!!!!

  3. Oh so u got them old dell computers whaaaaaat

  4. I don't like that girl that oh ways be the boss like boss baby am I right like or comet if I'm right

  5. I thought I was watching Jurassic world

  6. do your beautiful girls still have the labtops

  7. I feel sad about the little kids she go nothing 🙁

  8. What I didn't hear was "THANK YOU!!" What I heard was "IGHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

  9. 1:10 the girl is like WHAT IS THIS?! like smacking the box like girl calm down lol???

  10. Please keep this channel going I love it !

  11. They r so dumb its funny she was like WHAT IS IT WHAT IS IIIITTTT

  12. Loved it. My sister and I are Definetly NOT twins!!! lol

  13. mommy I want one. ??? I was laughing so hard.

  14. The little one wants one too lol

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