Chuwi Aerobook Review, an in-depth review of the new Core M3 laptop from Chuwi after 2 weeks use. Screen sRGB/Adobe RGB, battery life, gaming, real-world performance and much more. Where to buy: By the way 8bit HEVC files do decode but still not the best performance. Still needs at least the Core M3 7Y30.

00:28 – Design & build
03:35 – Webcam & mic sample
04:15 – Speaker sample
05:45 – Performance & benchmarks
11:31 – Screen sRGB & Adobe RGB
12:10 – More real world…

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  1. Thank God someone said it. The question about opening the laptop's with one hand is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard someone say.

  2. it does the job as a faptop.

  3. Would you think this would be ok for some basic Java and C++ programming?

  4. I wish to have a laptop like that someday. Lightweight, widescreen, for school. ?

  5. is this good for autocad?

  6. Do you have reviews on FeedMe S3M i7 Laptop?

  7. Is m3 better than Gemini lake 4100?

  8. Can you charge it through usb c? What charger capacity in terms.of.w is required to power it?

  9. Hello, Thank you for the rewiew. Wondering your thoughts on the Chuwi aerobook vs the Bmax Y13. On the Bmax video you compared them a little. but they are almost the same price. What one is better in your opinion.?

  10. What’s that bs red button?

  11. Can i install autocad with it?

  12. Hello Sir, may I know if I can use this laptop for basic photo editing in Lightroom and Photoshop?

  13. What is the tablet on your left (our right)?

  14. Can i install Linux on it ?

  15. this laptop recomended or not?

  16. chuwi aerobook or chuwi lapbook pro? is it worth the ~100 dollar difference?

  17. It is good for photo editing? Lightroom and aall that?

  18. Is this better then the lapbook SE ?because the lapbook is discontinued..

  19. Funny, i was almost asking you if you may get your hands on the Trekstor U13B laptop, which i bought a few weeks ago and if you could take it apart as i seem to can´t fully open it. The funny thing is, except for the backlit keyboard, the aerobook looks 99% exactly the same! Only the additional storage hinge looks different, but other than that they seem to be exact copies or may even come from the same factory. My U13B uses the N5000, which seems to be the perfect fit for this little beast. Not super slow, but also very gentle on the battery 🙂

    Just wanted to let you know. Keep up the good work.

    kind regards from a very satisfied i9-8950hk S200 user 😉

  20. Can I play minecraft here smoothly?

  21. have problem with the keyboard backlit,,, could you help me to set up?

  22. i just bought this laptop and i encoutered an issue. no battery detected.
    any tips?

  23. Is this laptop good for school? I need a light and slim laptop, with a good keyboard and 13 inch screen, and cheap, and I have a budget of 450$. I already own an iPad and buying Apple Pencil soon for note taking, but I want a clamshell laptop too. Just some word, PowerPoint, excel, web browsing and really light gaming. What laptop shouldI buy?

  24. Need your help 🙂
    Need a budget laptop to work during journeys (light use…mail, excel, office) the choice Is between this one, the teclast f5, or the lapbook se! What should I choose?

  25. The official product looks way better than this one ?

  26. Chris and others interested in this laptop, I have some important information after purchasing and now deciding to return my Aerobook.

    Bought it from Amazon at a ridiculous extra cost because I wanted to be able to return it easily. Initial impressions were great. I am in love with the design, the screen was great, and it was pretty snappy for all the light tasks I need it for. Sadly, over the past 3 days it has had probably about 8-10 blue screen of death errors for memory management. The most recent crash made the touchpad disappear from hardware manager, even after repeated restarts.

    Today I ran memory diagnostic and it found hardware problems with the memory. Im resetting it and sending it back to Amazon today. Very thankful I decided to pay more to get it from amazon instead of aliexpress in this situation.

    I think I will return it for amazon credit and try the Huawei Matebook D. Hopefully it proves more reliable for my use.

    Just a heads up for all potential buyers. I really wanted to like the Aerobook, but it will be a hard sell for me to use the return funds for another just to risk it again.

  27. Can I raise the TDP on the BIOS?

  28. 2019 !!! why not m3-8100y or at least m3-7u30. m3-6u30 is disgusting 🙁

  29. hey I have a question about this laptop. Can I upgrade the storage, its a M2 storage or what kind of port have?

  30. can i play fifa 2018 on it
    and Gta 5?

  31. Such a conprehensive review! Extremely helpful! Great job and big thanks

  32. I open my laptop sometimes using my toes. So, one handed lid open makes things easy. Other wise I had to use not my legs. Of course this only happens when I'm on floor in my room or on my bed. Not on the table where hands usually do it's job.

    I think this is pretty nice gift for my sister. Small, thin, light and more than capable of doing basic task. It's affordable too.

  33. Is this worth buying? I need to be able to do some basic video editing but looking to spend less than 450$, any suggestions?

  34. I have purchased the Aerobook PC and would like to improve the values with Intel XTU. The new version of XTU gives me different values for the cores and there are no entries for those in your video.
    What values do I need to change to have a PC optimized?
    Thank you

  35. Can you work on adobe applications on this ok? photoshop, illustrator etc – or would it be too slow?

  36. Could someone please help me? I need a new laptop for the uni and I am between this Chuwi one and the Asus Chromebook flip C302CA- GU005. The idea is to still use my old one but mostly for entertainment (youtube, spotify, netflix etc.) and keep the new one for uni/work purposes (research, writing, email-ing etc.). Thank you!

  37. Hi,

    Regarding the mass-produced 256GB SSD "flagship" model of the Aerobook sold via Chuwi's official AliExpress store, would you happen to know if the 256GB SSD is occupying the M.2 SSD slot at the bottom of the laptop? Or is that slot empty and we can add a 2nd SSD?

    Thanks 🙂

  38. Does this laptop have PWM dimming???

  39. Can you check if the wifi module is replaceable please? Laptop seems interesting but I need to replace the wifi module. Thanks in advance 🙂

  40. A 6th Gen Intel in 2019???
    My first thought was it is an old video – it is NOT. This is due to intel shortage (and therefore price), this is NOT a good product; just an "let us through something out" one.

    btw I am writing this on my i35, better screen, better cpu – 100 to 200 bugs more, depending on when it was bought. The only thing that drives me mad is the stupid weight distribution. That shows that engineering is done pretty fast: the heavy bits are at the back of the NB, aka battery, therefore the display wants to tip, therefore they put in 90 gramm of steel into the front!!!! How stupid is that?
    So Whenever you carry this NB it feels really heavy, though it is just 1,5 kg.

  41. Will this be able to handle multiple big spreadsheets and multiple chrome tabs for work mode? I really want to buy but wondering if the performance will be slow?

  42. In your review of the surface pro 4 with the same cpu a couple years ago, you were getting 100 fps on csgo same settings what's different that this one only gets 40 average?

  43. One hand opening is more premium feel.

  44. Hi, you will do a review on Chuwi LapBook Pro?

  45. That doesn't look like 1080p, infact when you show the nerd stats on youtube it looks like you have the resolution set to 720p whilst you try to play 4k, why?

  46. I like that red power button 🙂

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