Several fitness trackers, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S5, now boast the ability to measure your heart rate. How do their readings stack up to an EKG? CNET’s Sharon Profis with help from Kaiser Permanente cardiologist Dr. Jon Zaroff put the Garmin VivoFit, Withings Pulse O2, Basis Carbon Steel, Samsung Gear Fit, and Samsung Galaxy S5 to the test.

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  1. This video still helps greatly.

  2. This video still helps greatly.

  3. Vaping and red bull diet is best for endurance

  4. The Doctor looks so disinterested.

  5. People in this comment section are beyond uneducated. 175bpm is not a high heart rate for a young woman, infact it’d be within the target limits

  6. What are other pain points in heart rate monitoring in a watch? Can improving optical efficiency or reducing power consumption at the LED help? Will VCSELs be preferable to LEDs?

  7. My Garmin watch seems pretty spot on, even during exercise. I often test it out the old fashioned way just to be sure.

  8. youtube suggesting me this 6yrs later to know that my honor band 5 is accurate or not ??

  9. That's cause they using old drivers. Far out ghee people these days

  10. I have an app that uses the camera light and camera to measure my finger pulse. These apps have been around for years.

  11. i could watch her exercise all-day

  12. Wtf is her HR so high for!

  13. EKG..whatever is wrong

  14. Jeez, ur heart rate.

  15. comment section shows everyone was worried more about the reporter's heart rate rather than the level of accuracy for the fitness trackers

  16. My Samsung gear fit measures my heart rate while running… A lot of Operator error On This demonstration seems to be the problem or Lack of knowledge…

  17. I'm just impressed she could get her HR up to 193 easily at that age…. and she could talk while doing it. Wtf am I doing wrong? At 195 probably 10 years younger than her there is no way I'm talking much.

  18. I want a heart rate monitor while I sleep anyone recommend one? Hopefully I can plug it in and or has lithium battery.

  19. Conclussion: buy a chest heart rate monitor

  20. sponsored by samsung

  21. She's too hot to have that poor of a heart lol

  22. this woman is unfit goddamn

  23. at 4:25 he's thinking…. I wonder if she takes it up the shitter.

  24. I want to see the comments!

  25. It's a false equivalence fallacy. Wearables aren't medical devices, which incidentally cost thousands of dollars and are not wearable but are designed with medical intervention purposes in mind. A wearable, by contrast, provides the consumer with an approximation that ought to be measured as an average for a set period say three months. This allows you to approximate health, fitness and performance variables, but also provides information that can be conveyed to medical specialist to evaluate against their own measurements over time.

  26. Isn't 74 bpm the average hearth rate of a healthy person?

  27. Thumbs up but an update needed.

  28. I have been looking at reviews for heart rate monitors for hours and this is the best one of all.

  29. Good review. I wish someone would do another one of these reviews. Also she should probably get more exercise. Her heart rate maxed out with some comparatively light jogging.

  30. I wonder if she wore the watch so the sensor was on the bottom side of her wrist if it would have made a fifference.

  31. 190 bpm?!!!…. thats really not good, even when you work out.

  32. Her running form is giving me anxiety


  34. HEART RATE 190bpm. ???

  35. 180 heart rate and she is jogging she's unfit

  36. Almost 190 running? Thats quite fast. I can run for 30 mins and only get to about 160

  37. that's good. I used the heart monitor section of the health app on the phone to monitor my heart rate while I was between cardiologist visits because I had no other way of doing it.

  38. I wonder if this woman is now on beta blockers or something. I don't know how she can be so chilled when her heart rate is basically off the scale! The sleazy doc standing next to her must have surely said something when the camera stopped rolling.

  39. Going 170+ makes you go crazy you can’t talk for quite a while… her strap on sensor was the one fooling her – and she trying to fool us by saying she doing intense cardio

  40. holy hell.. 193 bpm? that is a terrible heart rate for not much activity.. I reach 170 when I totally max myself out, with your level I would be at 120-122

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