This kid gets genuinely angry when I make fun of what kind of headset he wears.
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  1. Hardcore virgin huh?

  2. the video is 4:20 long lmao

  3. You are so wrong

  4. hey man i know your probably not gonna see this but we all want to see infinte warfare / cod4 remastered camping and it autually works ive tried it and it makes for much funnier and just better content that will defiantly give u more views and put u back on the map i know youve got the powers to create another method u just have to believe that your time in the spotlight will come again your awesome and ill be there to see it happen again

  5. I need wormnation shirts! Where do we order

    Merry Christmas WORMnation

  6. yo man you too fckin funny love your videos

  7. When do we get a throwback BO2 video?

  8. worm if bo2 becomes backwards compatible please play it D:

  9. Worm, try the blackhole generator instead of C4

  10. broooo you're freakin funny keep up
    i want to see camp videos btw lool

  11. bro you gotta play this game called "Friday the 13th" game

  12. Umm I have Astros

  13. Worm probaly thinks he is good at cod

  14. why don't you camp anymore? those were the best funniest videos lol miss it

  15. the fact your playing infinite lagfare or any Lagtivision game at this point leads me to feel as if you are now trolling yourself bro lmmfao!

  16. worm I'm a really big fan of yours but as the news cod comes you need a new strategy because we wanna see you wining again !!!!

  17. Will you go back to BO2

  18. no one cares about this piece of shit game´╗┐

  19. LMAO that Trump reference in the beginning ­čÖé

  20. His headset sounds better than yours though. I can hear his voice clearly.

  21. Worms trolling vids are the shit. #WormNation

  22. Worm anymore camping vids i did a vid called express camping me and friends on bo2 in my channel it would be awesome if you could check it out we had the clan tag and everything anyways have a nice christmas ttyl ????????

  23. Play modern warfare I'll buy it for u worm

  24. Worm I've been here since 3k and I have to admit I've always thought you need a better mic! Lmfao! I know it's not as bad as that kids but you need them hd headphones lol SIR!!!!

  25. Have a good Christmas worm, SIR.!!!

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