Coding on the iPad Pro is a great experience. In this video I’ll show you the apps and workflows I use to build apps and automation utilities directly on the iPad.


Pythonista –
Working Copy –
Textastic –
Juno –
Codea –

Stash –


Apple iPad Pro 11″ –
Logitech Slim Folio 11 -…

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  1. Comment below if you have any coding topics you'd like to see covered.

  2. What would happen if I use os module and run os.getlogin() what will be the username that comes out….

  3. Do you think that Textastic would be a great code editor for web development? I don’t want to use my mac, I prefer my Ipad Pro, but I’m not sure if it’s ok for a beginner (atm I known html and a bit of css) like me.

  4. Can i use java on i pad pro? I want to use it for university projects so I don’t need to use laptop?

  5. What do you think about the R Programming Compiler for iPad? Have you played around on it yet?

  6. Very nice. I’d also like to give a plug for iVim for anyone who likes the old-school vi editor. One can use “Open with…” for files in Working Copy, and edit in iVim ! It even has a whole slew of new iOS ports, like entering :ishare to see a pop-up window to share text content to anything in your share sheet. Very nice editor option for coders.

  7. why would you do that yourself tho

  8. Id love a video about your shortcut usage

  9. but does it run google

  10. Thank you so much .. being an engineer and programmer and tattoo artist.. I am barely unlocking iPad Pro to its full potential .. your videos help me decide which to use.. thank you keep videos coming
    What best editor do you recommend?

  11. Thank you for the video. Could you tell me whether Pythonista is capable of importing and using Tkinter?

  12. When is Apple going to release full mouse support for the iPad? At the moment it’s disguised as Accessibility, rather than Mouse or External Navigation, or something like that.

  13. Can i get pandas on pythonista ?

  14. goormIDE is also a good option to choose for coding on a pad. goormIDE provides a complete development environment based on web browser. Powerful collaboration features such as code sharing via link, real-time simultaneous editing, and online chat.

  15. Is only phyton possible? Is this the same software As in Mac? Is anything Missing?

  16. When I run a python script in pythonista and I open a different app, will it continue to run in the background?

  17. Have you used Continuous that gives you .NET programming abilities? Interested in a review of that.

  18. For me it's use is severely limited by the fact that you can't easily get code in or code out. So other than a few examples I didn't do anything with it.
    Apart from the import/export problem there's the second problem that the GUIs you can build with it can't be transferred to run on other platforms.

    In comparison: On Android you can write kivy GUI code that runs in the Qpython for mobile phones as well. Much more useful.As everything Apple you are very limited in a jail; it will be really useful in a jailbroken device.
    You can learn python on it but you couldn't deploy an application or commit to a git branch; also you can't deploy an app directly, need to rely on templates to do it in xcode.
    From a hardware perspective (the video title says Coding on the iPad Pro and should review this too), using an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard (because the touch keyboard sucks for a long coding session) AND wifi will drain your battery pretty fast

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