Try not to take off your headphone challenge tried by College kids! Video links below!
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College Kids React To Try Not To Take Off Your Headphones Challenge. Watch to see their reactions!

Content featured:
Silent Night but every time they say silent night it gets less silent
and a little less…

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  2. The first one : I'd hinkle I can sleep with that…

    Ok ok maybe not

  3. You should to try not to throw up challenge when you look at gross things

  4. At 0:13 she sounds like shes singing to me

  5. I puked 🙁 now my keyboard is screwed

  6. Me with my headphones on with full volume. "Let me watch this video" 0:00 Cheezus Christ


  8. I got food poisoning so I vomited before I watched this so I could last when the clip of the guy vomiting happened.

  9. Im going to afterhills, a romanian music festival that last 4 days, im getting ready for it

  10. I'm going to purified my ears with some of my favorite music ??

  11. $#!t im wearing my earphones

  12. Us viewers had to go double the pain


  14. listens to everything on this video on the max volume
    finally gets sleep that night
    ( — w — )??

  15. We all know what squishy sounds like 😉

  16. how to win

    …unplug the headphones

  17. No triple earrape?

  18. “IS THAT MAC N CHEESE?!!?”

  19. 2:22 made me really happy, tbh.

  20. I was eating ravioli when the vommit video came on!?

  21. im laughing soooooooo hard at the pokejohncena

  22. That bass dropped harder than hiroshima

  23. next time you do this use the ocean man voice crack video!!

  24. Lens looks like Malala ♥️⚽️


  26. The lorax but Only when Grammy Norma is on screen.1:12 and 5:55 are loud.

  27. I tried this too. Barely made it through

  28. Can we all take a moment and appreciate Brianna… Ty ?

  29. I had headphones on to…..

  30. I am Adam ..Adam is me

  31. 5:01 when you are in fortnite, it’s top 2, you see him, you get ready to shoot, then he deploys a portafort

  32. Who else did the challenge as well????? I know I did.

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